(Cody, Wyo.) - Three generations of Tucker men worked together to put up the Teepees for summer at the Ponderosa Campground!

Lelon Sr. has been working maintenance at the campground since 1989. His son Bud Tucker has worked with his Dad Lelon since he was a kid. He now works full time at the campground and his young boys help him out. 

Brandy Bounty, wife of Bud said, "Every summer putting up the Teepees is a family affair! This year all 3 generations worked together to get them set up. It's turned into a family tradition, and a labor of love!" 

The boys photographed are Jayden (right) and Caleb (center). Brandy said, "They tell me they will be ready to put up Teepee's by themselves next year."

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