Local blacksmith N.J. Pawley hopes to reignite his shop on wheels

(Cody, Wyo.) - N.J. Pawley has been blacksmithing for over 25 years. He was born and raised just outside of Cody and has a love for the Western Small town charm. N.J.’ s skills include the western standard of welding, but his best skills are his ability to forge, or as he puts it he "gets metal glowing hot and beats it into whatever shape comes to mind." Watch the Wyoming Office of Tourism's video below: EMBED VIDEO The above video was put together by the Wyoming Office of Tourism and features Pawley blacksmithing in his truck which he turned into a total blacksmith shop. It used to sit just off of Main St. in Cody, but he hasn't been there in a while. He's trying to change that. Pawley will be meeting with the Cody City Council on June 7th in hopes to get permission to reignite his blacksmith shop on wheels. N.J. has been working on a "new" truck for his future blacksmith shop. It's a 1948 Chevy Roadmaster and as N.J puts it "it's an expensive and time-consuming work in progress." He hopes to have it complete by June 7th in time for the City Council meeting. His shop on wheels has always been a great sensation for locals and tourists alike. "Everyone thinks I'm cooking something," he told Reboot. "Most people are just awestruck." He said, when he is working there are usually 25 or so people standing around. Pawley's creations can be found at Gizzly Jim's in downtown Cody. Reboot be following this story and will update after the June 7th City Council meeting. [image: 13151838_945915588855596_7860041770802342991_n.jpg] [image: 11077709_753172138134476_7903575525496326123_o.jpg] [image: 13124908_942700782510410_3734818157837946136_n.jpg] #reboot #news