Happy National Trails Day! Share Your Photos from the Trail with Us!

(Fremont County, Wyo.) – Today, June 4, is National Trails Day ! The nationwide celebration of trails includes hikes, biking, horseback rides, paddling trips, birdwatching, geocaching, gear demonstrations, stewardship projects and more. We would like you to share your photos of being “out on the trail” today – whether on foot, bike, horse, kayak, raft, ATV or any other mode of transportation we might be forgetting! [image: 3a0b0230-598a-4dad-b9a4-c18ae67e3072.jpg] We plan to create a “Happy National Trails Day from Around the Bighorn Basin" featuring all our readers’ photos. Be a part of the National Trails Day celebration by sharing your photos with Reboot. Share your National Trails Day in the Bighorn Basin by clicking here . We wanted to get you started with a few of our own which hopefully provide you with a little "trail inspiration." Happy trails... [image: 8be2fcc9-9209-4a67-8bb7-a2bdc1f4e599.jpg] [image: 11a63fe7-9a59-4bd9-b5ed-edfd44b2e693.jpg] [image: 3c2aa5f8-7b21-4d8f-bde9-0a5f2c468817.jpg] #reboot #news Feature photo: h/t Kristi Salzmann