Welcome to the world, little ones!

(Bighorn Basin, Wyo.) - h/t West Park Hospital for sharing this ADORABLE compilation of last month's babies born at West Park Hospital. Enjoy the cuteness... Alehtt Marie Arbis 5/23/16 (left) & Anna Noelle Starostka 5/20/16 (right) [image: Untitled design (23).png] Arabella Adeline Nelson 5/24/16 (left) & Avery Yvette Gurrola 5/27/16 (right) [image: Untitled design (24).png] Caleb Stene Fauber 5/9/16 (left) & Clara Grace Swann 5/13/16 (right) [image: Untitled design (25).png] Dehlylan Hope Alise 5/4/16 (left) & Emily Wheatcroft 5/18/16 (right) [image: Untitled design (26).png] Jackson Reed Leong 5/6/16 (left) & Jainalynn Marie Hayworth 5/7/16 (right) [image: Untitled design (27).png] Kali Mae Jameson 5/4/16 (left) & Julio Joel Rodriquez 5/12/16 (right) [image: Untitled design (28).png] Kendall Mae Gurrola 5/27/16 (left) & Landon Jonathon Cole 5/3/16 (right) [image: Untitled design (29).png] Liam Otto Kendrick 5/9/16 (left) & Madison James Keith (right) [image: Untitled design (30).png] Piper Jean Smith 5/7/2016 (left) & Piper Marie Woody 5/23/16 (right) [image: Untitled design (31).png] Samerah Nichole Woody 5/15/16 [image: Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 3.27.05 PM.png] #reboot #wph #news