50+ tour the Legend Rock State Archaeological Site Saturday

(Meeteetse, Wyo.) - On Saturday, 66 people gathered to tour the Legend Rock State Archaeological Site led by renowned archaeologist Dr. Larry Todd of Meeteetse. Legend Rock, located about 36 miles south of Meeteetse, is one of the oldest and best examples of Dinwoody rock art in the world. Most of the Legend Rock petroglyphs are classified as being of the “Dinwoody” tradition. Dinwoody petroglyphs are exclusively located in the Wind River and Big Horn Basins west of the Big Horn River and were made by the people who inhabited the area as early as 11,000 years ago. They are always “pecked” and often resemble large human-like figures with headdresses and many toes and fingers. Some figures are upside down. Their torsos may contain pattern of lines. The Legend Rock site contains nearly three hundred individual petroglyphs, some of which are believed to be thousands of years old. Some represent animals or people, while others are abstract or are a combination of many things. The meaning and age of the Legend Rock petroglyphs are still being debated. This Saturday is the Preservation Act celebration at Meeteetse Museums. More information is available at *Feature Photo: Dr. Todd explaining to a few of the attendees, the tour of Legend Rock and Legend Rock. h/t Meeteetse Museums / Pitchengine Communities* #reboot #news