Bighorn Basin has the best dads around; Here's proof

(Cody, Wyo.) - Earlier this week, we asked you to tell us why your dad is the greatest and we got some great responses! *Emma Constantine* said: *"This is my first summer living away from home, but my dad texts/calls me goodnight every single night and usually sends a good morning text before work. He also makes special trips up to Billings just to help me out with little things like my car and quick fixes in my house. He's the funniest, hardest working man i've ever met. Happy Father's Day, dad! Love you."* [image: Inline image 2] *Heather Rhodes* wrote: *"My dad isn't perfect, but he teaches us through his imperfections. Sometimes he doesn't know the answers, but he always helps us to find them. He isn't always present, but he is always supportive. He's the best father I could have asked for. (This picture was taken at Beartooth Lake on our Father/Daughter fishing day lat year)"* [image: Inline image 1] Tell us why your dad is the best and we will update this article by Father's Day. Submit here . *Feature Photo: h/t Heather Rhodes / Pitchengine Communities* #reboot #news