Live Music in the park tonight!

Doc Fields Cyberdelic VooDoo, named after the CD release by the same name, is a live experience featuring the talents of songwriter/ vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Doc Fields and keyboardist/vocalist Terri Weiland. Soulfully singing while playing his trademark white guitar, Doc's fingers deftly float across the fretboard seemingly possessed by the spirit of the music. Terri's empassioned vocals and keyboards evoke the spirits of such greats as Janis Joplin, and Ray Manzarek [image: Inline image 1] Remakes of standards such as Roger Miller's "King of the Road" featuring Doc's jazzy trumpet playing , and a medley of Heart's "Magic Man" with Edgar Winter's "Frankenstein" showcasing Terri's stunning vocals and synthesizers are audience favorites With a sound all their own the duo performs a variety of classic rock and original compositions creating an atmosphere of magical musicianship that is unforgettable. In addition Dominos will be selling pizza by the slice! [image: Inline image 2] #powellchamber #reboot #news #whatshappening