Baby sheep on road causes North Fork 4-car pileup

(Jackson, Wyo.) - A baby sheep in the road may have caused a 4-car pileup on the North Fork Highway yesterday. According to Wyoming Highway Patrol Trooper Rodney Miears, several cars stopped on the side of the road because there was a baby sheep on the road. The sheep then ran under a stopped vehicle. One of the vehicles was hit from behind from an oncoming car, which caused that car to hit the one in front. This car Two people received medical care as a result of the accident. One person was taken by ambulance to West Park Hospital in Cody while the other was taken by life-flight to Billings, Montana. Miears says the woman life-flighted to Billings is now in stable condition. The Wyoming Highway Patrol said that the cause of the accident is being attributed to driver inattentiveness. #reboot #news