HERE'S WHAT WE KNOW: Burn pile causes blaze; 2 firefighters sustain minor injuries; Fire is 'contained and controlled'

(Cody, Wyo.) - We're learning more about Friday afternoon's fire on Quarter Horse Lane off of 2Ab Road north of Cody. Fire Marshall Sam Wilde spoke with Reboot this afternoon and shared the following updated information. *Time:* Fire started around 5:15 p.m. Friday evening. *Cause: *An individual, who's name the Fire Department will not release at this time, had a burn permit and was burning a pile a garbage. This individual did not successfully extinguish the fire so it proceeded to engulf his shop and continued to spread into a grass fire. *Factors:* Strong winds as well as the hot, dry conditions are all contributing factors to the rapid spread of this fire. *Status:* Fire is "contained and controlled" but not yet completely out. Firefighters monitored overnight, and will continue to monitor through Sunday. No other structures are at risk at this time. *Injuries: *Two firefighters sustained minor injuries; They both were evaluated and released. No civilians were injured. *Size: *Size of fire is yet to be determined. Wilde did not want to speculate as the fire is not completely out. *Primary Damage: *The home belonging to Andy DiaPiazza & Michelle McArthur, located on Quarter Horse Lane off of 2Ab Road is a complete loss. Read more about that here. *Other damages: *One shop, belonging to the individual who started the fire is a complete loss. Two outbuildings and one trailer were completely destroyed. Two other houses had exterior damage, but crews were able to extinguish the fire and prevent any further damage to these two homes. Read initial reports here and see additional photos here. Reboot will continue to monitor and update this story as more details become available. [image: 13507023_952544884871383_3934097806699399644_n.jpg] #reboot #news