UPDATE: Fire completely destroys home north of Cody

Multiple sources confirm that the home that burned on Quarter Horse Lane off of 2Ab Road north of Cody yesterday belongs to Andy DiaPiazza and Michelle McArthur. At this time reports indicate there were no injuries and no loss of life. A friend of the family's, Bobby Rock, said "Andy is a Cody gunfighter and lost all his costumes and lots of ammo. [Michelle] is an artist that lost most, if not all, her work plus family heirlooms. Most if not all is irreplaceable for both of them." He added "The main issue for the firefighters was no water access; they had to haul it in. Once the wind switched, the fire made a run to the house, up in eaves and was completely engulfed." [image: 7a34c4c2-56da-4eb5-9783-0ece1bcd988f.jpg] The above photo was shared with Reboot from Rita Filler. She said, "No, our firemen do not usually just stand around watching something burn. There were a series of explosions, probably propane canisters, and then the bursts of rounds of ammo started. The firemen are being safe." Basin Reboot reached out to the Park County Fire District, but have not heard back as of this morning. A cause is unknown at this time. We will update this story as more information becomes available. [image: 13532780_952508948208310_4004851762055501475_n.jpg] [image: 13507023_952544884871383_3934097806699399644_n.jpg] [image: 13537536_952508924874979_639999303582809997_n.jpg] *All photos: h/t Rita Filler / Pitchengine Communities* #reboot #news