Q and A with the Beer Guys. Some of their responses will crack you up and all will make you want to work there.

So getting to know the guys down at Tanager, it seemed like they had a lot of fun at their jobs and that they really loved what they did. So we asked them what their favorite part of being a beer guy was and why they liked beer so much. They didn't hold back. *What's your favorite part of being a Beer Guy? * *"Beer is all about having fun! Everybody associates beer with good ties, friends, special occasions. We provide fun!"* - Rod "Hot Rod" Ullom, Team Leader. Roger "Temp" Templin, Professional Taster (lucky guy!) says, *"The bars."* *"I love getting to try new beers and all the opportunities to go to events, such as the Great American Beer Festival."* - Cory "Krebs" Krebes, Delivery Driver. [image: Inline image 1] *"To me the beer is great but my real love for this business has been all the great people I have had the privilege to work with. From Montana to Wyoming, I am absolutely convinced I have been surrounded by some of the most honest, hardworking, and fun people. This makes coming to work every day a real joy."* - Joe "Guy or Joe Jr." Kondelis, Sales Manager. Apparently James "Vern" Williams just likes *"being surrounded by beer."* :) *"Interacting with people every day. Each day there is always something new. It is the best job in the world."* - Paul "Gary Laser Eyes" Kondelis. Yes, you read that nickname right. *Why do you like beer?* *"Have you ever had a beer? Then you know why."* - Drew "Droops" Jones, Master of the Delivery Arts for Tanager. *"I feel bad for people who don't drink, when they wake up in the morning that is as good as they feel all day."* - Dean Martin (not working for Tanager, but a great quote!) *"Beer, because no good story ever started with a salad."* - Brandon "Flathead" Tilman, Delivery Driver. [image: Inline image 2] Simply put, Eric "Big E or Acie" Asay states, *"What's not to like!"* Joe Jr. shares, *"Beer brings us together. Some of my greatest memories simply involve friends, family and a good beer."* *"It can have so many tastes. Hoppy, Malty, lemon, chocolate, coffee, sour, peach, jalapeno, apricot, cucumber, bourbon, gin, banana, wine, the possibilities are endless!"* - Trent "Rhino" Cole, Warehouse Manager. Team Leader, Sales Manager, Professional Taster, Master of the Delivery Arts- No matter what role you play at Tanager Beverages , these guys love their jobs and they know their beer. #tanager #reboot #sponsored #news