West Park Hospital earns excellence award for 7th consecutive year

West Park Hospital has been awarded the Jeff Martin Gold Award for Excellence for seven consecutive years. Nominated for their “Rapid Improvement Event – Timeout Process” West Park Hospital demonstrated their ability to reduce patient risk. Participants first select a risk management education topic of their choice. The education initiative is then implemented in the participating member’s facility and tracked throughout the year. West Park Hospital chose to focus on their Timeout Process to standardize the process throughout the facility. The timeout process first identifies the right patient, it assures the patient consent is correct and signed, makes sure all the right personnel are the room, the right equipment is present and everything is organized before any procedure begins. West Park Hospital’s process before their Rapid Improvement Event allowed different staff to call the timeout. Their new process ensures the physician is the leader in every timeout call before a procedure is done. This reduces any risk to the patient for having the wrong procedure. “Our physicians, nurses and department heads came together as a team. We were all focused on the patient and how we could better their experience and outcome,” stated Janet McClain, Quality Director and Compliance Officer. #wph #reboot #health #news