Following Successful iOS & Android Launch, Ouija Game Is Now Available Free For Desktop Users

Redwerk announced the release today of its popular Ouija Game as a free app for desktop users. Like its successful game currently available for download at the App Store and Google Play, the desktop Ouija Game works the same as a traditional Ouija board where users simply ask questions on their keyboard and wait for responses to appear on the screen as the spirit moves the pointer.

“This Ouija game is not like the cheap street quackery of other talking apps. This is an online virtual Ouija board that really works,” said [NAME]. “Our team of programmers spent hours at séances developing the right tools to ensure the best communication between people and spirits. While the spirits may have been bombarded with technical questions from our team, it paid off because the final product is out of this world.”

Already a popular app, today’s new desktop version will bring the Ouija game experience to a wider group of users – on both sides of the spiritual divide.

The spirit will provide players with unique answers responsive to their specific questions. You can get answers to questions like: “When should I marry my girlfriend?” or “Where will I find hidden money?” or “Do I need to go on a diet?” Of course, you can always just play around with inhabitants from another realm and enjoy a good time.

How does Redwerk’s Ouija Game stand out from other mystical apps?

It provides real answers - ask Ouija board app whatever you want and you’ll get a meaningful response!

It offers a smooth visual experience with high quality animation and appealing music.

It’s never boring. With this online virtual Ouija board, the conversation with spirits is exciting and unique.

Regardless of whether you are a medium with Ouija experience, a novice who is just interested in the spiritual world, or someone just looking for a “lively” conversation, the desktop Ouija Game is right for you.

About Redwerk

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