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Rendezvous Dental

The dental practice at Rendezvous Dental was founded by Dr. Hal Macon in 1962. His practice had a reputation for honesty, fairness, and caring. It was important to Hal to have his legacy carried on. He was joined by Dr. Dale Sackett in 1998 when their practices combined. In 2011, Dr. Colton Crane took over management of the practice and brought enthusiasm and knowledge of the latest advances in dentistry. He saw to it that all of the dental operatories were equipped with the newest dental technology. Dr. Crane and Dr. Sackett strive to leave the same legacy that Dr. Macon established in 1962. By continuing to treat patients with integrity and competence, using tools on the cutting-edge of technology, they are consistently proving that they are as conscientious and considerate as their predecessor.


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