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A life changed by Smile Makeover

Andrea is a hardworking mother of two from Riverton, Wyoming. For years, she battled with insecurity about her smile and the constant stress of not being able to afford dental care. "Around the time I had my daughter, about six and a half years ago, is when my teeth started to get bad," Andrea explained. 

Early on, Andrea had to have a few teeth in the back pulled, along with several root canals. Unfortunately, at the time she could not afford the crowns she needed. This in turn caused her teeth that had previously undergone root canals, to deteriorate. "Along with that mess, I had cavities/decay that started on my front teeth," Andrea stated.

"I was VERY self conscious. Sometimes when laughing or talking I could see people's eyes glance at my teeth, it was embarrassing...Every time I felt a pain in my mouth, or every time more of a tooth broke off, or the spot of my front teeth got worse I was instantly stressed about how I'd pay for a dentist appointment because once there they'd find more problems. Having horrible teeth, the stress was almost constant."

In February, 2016, Andrea Snider was selected to receive a Smile Makeover by Rendezvous Dental's team.

Several months later and hours of much needed dental work performed by Dr. Colton Crane, Andrea's life is very much different than when this all began. After the transformation, Andrea reports feeling "AMAZING! I mean sure everyone knows good teeth look better, but after years of having your teeth and smile deteriorate, you realize that not only does your smile look great but you feel great too! I enjoy smiling now and am proud to show off my teeth 😁 "

"Now that those problems are fixed, my anxiety and stress about my dental work are gone!"

In a final statement, Andrea said of Rendezvous Dental, "Hands down the BEST dental team I've ever had! My kids and I will never go anywhere else! I mean it's a good sign when your daughter is so ecstatic seeing her dentist (Dr. Crane). I even told them that I was a little sad I wouldn't be seeing them as often as I've become accustomed to the past several months. I will, and always do, recommend Rendezvous Dental to anyone looking for a dentist!"

Andrea's much needed Smile Makeover was completely covered by Rendezvous Dental, with absolutely no cost to Andrea. "We are happy to offer this makeover. We knew there was no way Andrea was going to be able to have the full work up done. She was a well deserving candidate," stated Dr. Crane. "We've truly enjoyed working with her and wish her the very best."