Tower Deli Catering and Diner Catering and Diner’s Mouth Watering Signature Selections

The signature selection at any menu guarantees the best of the best meals a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale can offer. There is nothing more exciting than finding a signature selection section on a menu. Most restaurants offer random and one of a kind dishes that have been declared a favorite among their customers, but rarely do you find an entire section that is dedicated to presenting options for a number of specialty meals. Tower Deli Catering and Diner Catering and Diner has exactly this. In their years of success as a catering business and diner, they already have a significant amount of customer favorites, and they showcase these on their menu, along with the most mouth-watering descriptions.

What can be found on Tower Deli Catering and Diner Catering and Diner’s signature selections?

1. Roasted Grilled Chicken Paillard

This signature dish highlights that incredible roasted grilled chicken flavor, balanced with herbs, tomatoes, ham, mesclun greens, and lemon mayo on a foccacia slice. This is just your perfect combination of the best flavors that compliments a well cooked chicken. This is definitely a good reason to visit the Tower Deli Catering and Diner Catering and Diner restaurant in Fort Lauderdale.

2. Grilled breast of chicken

For a simpler version of grilled chicken on bread, Tower Deli Catering and Diner Catering and Diner offers a grilled chicken breast, accompanied by tomato, lettuce, and herb mayo on the ever perfect baguette. This dish, although simple, is a significant favorite as it is just a classic taste of Italian flavors.

3. Smoked Turkey Breast

What goes well with smoked turkey? Tower Deli Catering and Diner matches the unique taste of smoked turkey with a slice of brie cheese, mesclun greens, and honey mustard on a beautifully balanced black bread. This is a surprisingly collaboration of flavors that is worth a try!

4. Roast Turkey

Roast turkey is not just for Thanksgiving. Tower Deli Catering and Diner freshly roasts turkey breasts matched with ciabatta bread, lettuce, tomato, cracked black pepper, and mayo. It is aromatic, fresh and absolutely tasty.

5. Tarragon Turkey Salad

Fancy some turkey on a salad? Yet another great twist to the ever classic turkey taste, is Tower Deli Catering and Diner’s tarragon turkey salad. The blend of tarragon turkey and sprout, wrapped in a spinach wrap, makes for an irresistibly refreshing bite.

6. Prosciutto and Fresh Mozzarella

Another signature selection favorite is this roasted peppers with pesto mayo on sourdough baguette. It is another creamy and salty yet sweet mix of flavors that just elevates the prosciutto and fresh mozzarella. No person on this earth can deny the incredible flavor of fresh mozzarella paired with amazing prosciutto.

7. Italian Hero

A standout on this incredible list of signature dishes is the amazing Italian hero. It is a dish that caters to every flavor favored from Italian cuisine. On a bed of semolina with oil and vinegar, sits slices of prosciutto, salami, cappicola, provolone cheese, lettuce, and tomato. There is nothing like it, a true hero dish.

8. French Ham and Cheddar

Ham and cheese is probably the most commonly loved sandwich flavor in every household. Tower Deli Catering and Diner brings you the real Italian rendition of this favorite dish. French ham is paired with cheddar cheese, apple, and walnut aioli with mesclun, in a perfect wrap. It is ham and cheese at its finest.

9. Rosemary Roast Beef

No deli is complete without the perfect roast beef sandwich and this is precisely what perfection is. The rosemary roast beef is accompanied by lettuce, tomato, dijon mayo and an amazing topping of caramelized onions on rye bread. Absolutely breathtaking!

10. Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap

For all the lovers of Caesar dressing with grilled chicken, this is the one for you. Tower Deli Catering and Diner combines grilled chicken and Caesar dressing with romaine lettuce hearts and roasted peppers.

11. White Tuna Salad

Carrots, peppers, lettuce, and tomato on a 7 grain club roll accompanies the creamy white tuna taste!

12. Roasted Vegetable

This sandwich holds a special place on this list of signature dishes. The unique combination of sweet flavors emphasized by the smoky taste of its roast is just sublime. The roasted vegetable consists of yellow and red peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, and grilled tomato on focaccia, with the perfect pesto sauce.

13. Grilled Portabella Mushroom

The Portabella mushrooms are accompanied by goat cheese, roasted peppers, mesclun greens, and a balsamic reduction sauce, on a ciabatta bread.

14. Fresh Mozzarella and Vine-Ripened Tomato

Fresh basil and olive oil on sourdough bread speaks for itself! It may just be the most perfect reason to visit the Tower Deli Catering and Diner restaurant in Fort Lauderdale.

The signature dishes by Tower Deli Catering and Diner rivals all restaurants in Fort Lauderdale. Their great selection speaks volume of their incredible grasp of Italian flavors, and how well they can make magical sandwiches out of them. Call them now at 954-452-8202 or place an order online at to have a taste of their amazing food! You can also drop by their restaurant at 2315 South University Dr. Davie, Florida 33324.