Rik's by dhtreichler

Rik's is Part Thriller, Part Romance, Part Primer On International Weapons Sales

In the war-torn Middle East, where sudden death is an almost constant companion for many, it's rare to find one's own true love.

But in pre-Gulf War Baghdad, that is just what American Embassy employee Rik Bogart does in the new thriller titled, simply, Rik's.

Drawn from his decades of doing business in "the garden spots of the world" as an international defense contractor, author David Treichler -- writing under the pen name dhtreichler -- combines his firsthand knowledge of arms negotiations with exhaustive research to deliver this book -- one part thriller, one part love story, and one part primer on just how international defense deals are negotiated in world capitals.

By day, Rik is a commercial liaison to American companies seeking to do deals with Saddam's regime and other regional rivals like Turkey. By night, he's the CIA's station chief, embroiled in the seamier side of clandestine intelligence-gathering.

In this highly detailed account of events leading up to Saddam's invasion of neighboring Kuwait in 1990, Rik has fallen deeply in love with a beautiful broadcast journalist named Ingrid. The pair often trade hints about sensitive information -- helping Ingrid to foresee newsworthy events, and providing Rik with often enigmatic rumors gleaned from Ingrid's highly placed sources

"The desert sands are shifting," she says on the eve of Saddam's invasion into neighboring Kuwait. It sets off a flurry of activity on the part of Rik and other Embassy personnel.

In the resulting turmoil, the pair become separated and Rik is thrown into Baghdad's dreadful Prison of the Dead -- Abu Graib -- where he languishes for 19 brutal, torture-filled months.

Upon release, he is sent back to New York, where he is promptly abandoned by his own government, which now finds his existence inconvenient. He buys a Manhattan nightclub with his *severance package," and wonders why his former flame Ingrid never tried to find him.

It is, in fact, 10 long years before their paths cross again -- on another fateful eve -- September 10, 2001.

This book has something for everyone, says Treichler, who researched his subject matter exhaustively. Everything from how Marine guards at U.S. embassies around the world are trained to react to trouble, to the inner workings of network news gathering, to the subject he arguably knows best -- how weapons deals are cut daily in capital cities around the world.

The book is called Rik's and is available online at, or on Amazon, both in paperback and by digital download.

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