Riyaz Somani

Know the advantages of investing in a house for sale in Goa

With an exotic coastline, Goa is a tourist haven. When you add the beautiful mountains with its milky waterfalls during the monsoon season, you can understand why people from all over the world as well as from India like to visit Goa. In fact, Goa is on the itinerary of every foreign tourist. The beaches, temples, churches, as well as the easygoing Goan attitude all, play a great part in increasing the income of the state from tourism related activities. This makes Goa as the highest income earning state for the Indian nation in terms of per capita income. The State Government is also doing its best to promote tourism in the state by providing the necessary infrastructure. This has made the real estate developers venture into Goa and start developing properties for sale in Candolim, Mapusa, and other places.

Advantages of investing in Goa:

There are many advantages for the investor to invest in properties in Goa. This article attempts to bring out the advantages to all parties concerned.

Cost of investment:

The real estate prices in Goa are still reasonable even after the development of such infrastructure and the demand for the same as well. When you compare the prices with that in cities such as Mumbai, you would find that you could have a luxury villa in Goa at the price of a one-bedroom flat in Mumbai. Hence, you find great demand for the luxury apartments for sale in Goa.

Local preference:

The prices in the southern part of Goa are still less as compared to the northern parts. The reasons are obvious. The North Goa area is a tourist dominated area. Hence, the demand is also more. The returns are also more prompting many people from different parts of India to come and invest here. At the same time, the local Goans preferring a peaceful stay would like to move towards the South Goa area.

High returns on investment:

The investor has the option of leasing out his luxury homes near Baga Beach to the tourists. The excellent amenities available in the present day luxury homes enable the investor to charge a handsome amount as rent. The tourist would not mind as he has the benefit of luxury as well as proper security. These high returns could offset the actual investment in very quick time.

Second home option:

Not everybody would like to earn returns from their houses. They may invest in a house to enable them to come back to their roots at any point in time. For such people, investing in a house for sale in Goa is a great option. Such people usually opt for the southern part of Goa for the beautiful and peaceful ambience.

NRI investments:

The NRI has an excellent opportunity to invest in Goa. The Reserve Bank of India has simplified its rules regarding inward remittances and investing in real estate for the NRI. This can bring in the NRI funds into the real estate market thereby causing a boom in the market.