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Protection from the Air

Pest control on the numerous vinyards of Australia can be a tough call. The delicate grape varieties that make up a number of our more valued wines are quite susceptible to a number of pests, many of which can wreck an entire crop. Pest birds, including the populous Indian mynah, combine with brown rats and insects to cause problems for the industry. Pest control firms throughout the country – such as the renowned RIP Pest Control – often have their services booked well in advance.

Tackling these issues has proven difficult. Vinyards can be sprawling affairs, and the scale of the problem is large. Airborne pests can be nearly impossible to contain, even with nets and noisemakers. However, a novel solution has come in to vogue for a number of vinyards keen to improve their odds of defeating pest insects.

Unmanned aircraft, such as quadcopters, have been brought to bear against pests of late. A number of vinyards have employed them against grape-destroying pest insects and birds, utilising their high-altitude dropping abilities to achieve a well-diffused spread of predatory insects, which work to control insects that prey on the grapes.

By employing these drones, managers are saving these vinyards considerable manpower, cost, and time, as these predatory insects would otherwise be spread by hand. They are also able to avoid the use of strong chemicals, which apart from being poor choices for the environment, can impact upon the taste of the grape. These same drones have also been used to chase away pest birds from the crops, although their effectiveness here is more limited.

As we continue to develop this technology, the use of these devices will become more refined, with the idea of improving our grape-growing efficiency, to the benefit of Australia’s growing wine industry.


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