Riverton Raider Legion Baseball

Riverton Raider Baseball is having a Parent/Player meeting. 

Raiders Elks-Legion Baseball

January 2017

Dear Parents and Players,

The 2017 Legion Baseball season in near, and we are excited for the upcoming season. We implemented an entirely new Legion Board with lots of enthusiasm. Currently the legion board has scheduled approximately 48 games for the Legion “A” and 33 games for Legion “B” programs with additional games in Post-Season play. Our intent this year to be aligned more like high school, having a JV/Varsity program. Our hope is to obtain enough interested baseball players to have minimal movement of players from A to B, therefore creating a cohesive team in each division.

We are going to have a Parent/ Player meeting on February 7, 2017 at the Riverton Library at 7:00 PM and we would like to invite you to attend this meeting. Our goal is to answer any questions you may have and prepare you for the 2017 season. We will talk about our fundraising plans and what that means for the Riverton Legion Program Finances. Please be prepared to fill out forms pertaining to player’s sizes, contact information, etc.

Let’s have a great season and we will see you at the meeting!


Riverton Legion Baseball Board

Shane Lassiter (President) Corry Higgs (Field Maintenance)

Amber Hinkle (Vice-President) Jason Muehler (UIC)

Jamie Frazier (Treasure) Jeremy Martinez ( Member at Large)

Scott Fabricus (Secretary)

Mike Fisher (Baseball Operations Manager)