5 Occasions to Celebrate with an Ice Cream Cake

There are many reasons to celebrate life's biggest moments with a delicious ice cream cake. Here are five favorite causes for celebration you should get in on!

If you like ice cream, and you like cake, then surely one of your favorite foods would have to be Carvel cakes! These tasty treats have layers of decadent ice cream surrounded by crisp crunchies for the perfect combination. If this dessert sounds tempting, then it may be time for you to celebrate a special occasion with Carvel cakes. Here are five examples of memorable moments for a calendar celebration! 


Carvel cakes are a classic treat for birthday parties and get-togethers. While kids love blowing out the candles on an ice cream cake and getting the first serve, people of all ages embrace this tradition and crave this delicious kind of cake for their special day. If you haven't tried it before and your birthday is coming up, this is the chance for you to get in on the ice cream cake craze!


While it may not be the most traditional choice for engagement parties, bridal showers, and weddings, ice cream cake is a great way to celebrate your love! After all, your wedding festivities should be about the two of you and who you are as a couple, and if that's a duo who enjoys delicious ice cream cakes, then so be it! Your family and friends won't be complaining about the cake that's served, that's for sure.


Another big moment in life is graduating from school or training. Whether it's high school, college or specialized training, this is a special occasion that's made even more wonderful with the addition of Carvel Cakes. These yummy, fully satisfying desserts are ideal for sharing with family and friends who have come to share their well wishes for the new graduate!

New Baby

Expecting a new arrival is one of the most exciting and enriching moments in a person's life, and it's always a good idea to bring an ice cream cake along to the baby shower. Guests love it and expectant parents will love these fantastic flavors that satisfy their sweet tooth. After all, welcoming a bundle of joy is a big deal, and it should be commemorated with a cake celebration!


If you're reaching the age of putting your working days behind you, or you have a colleague, friend or family member who is planning to retire, you can mark the occasion with a delectable ice cream cake. After all those years of hard work, this exquisite dessert is well-earned, especially if it's a Carvel cake!