Getting Bath-er: The Benefits of Different Therapeutic Baths

Since ancient times, bathing has been considered a way to cleanse the body and the mind. It's also used to treat conditions like arthritis and depression. Read on to find out what type of water therapy is best for the following concerns:

For Pain Relief

Hydro massage bathtubs for seniors and the disabled are fitted with high-pressure water jets. These may be adjusted to accurately hit any area or pressure point. When the jets are turned on, the warm, rhythmic stream kneads muscles and joints, effectively easing tension and alleviating pain. It also stimulates the brain to release serotonin, a neurochemical that reduces stress and improves sleep.

Aside from relieving pain and making one feel great overall, this treatment can boost health. Like a regular massage, hydrotherapy promotes good blood and lymph circulation. This means the body receives enough oxygen to flush out toxins, which is vital in staying healthy.

For Softer Skin

As people age, their bodies change - joints feel stiffer, eyes see less clearly, and ears don't pick up sound the same way. Another body part at the mercy of aging is the skin, which becomes less elastic, drier, and thinner. This makes it rougher, blotchier, and more susceptible to damage. That's why oxygen baths are used by celebrities, like Pat Boone. Walk-in tub features sometimes include jets that release oxygen-rich water.

When the user dips into the fizzy fluid, their body gets enveloped by tiny microscopic bubbles. These little pockets enter the pores for a deep clean that gently lifts away dirt and toxins. This eliminates the need for harsh scrubbing and strong soaps that scratch delicate skin. The surface also becomes smoother and plumper, as the fresh oxygen delivers nutrients from deep within.

For a Better Mood

A well-known bath therapy that can help improve the mood is chromotherapy, which uses color to influence mood. Specially designed bathtubs for the disabled and elderly have built-in chromotherapy equipment. Lights emit hues that color the bathwater and affect the user's state. For relaxation and serenity, green, blue, and other cool tones are used. Meanwhile, warm shades, such as yellow and orange, help a person feel more energized or focused.

Another technique that may help in improving an individual's mood is aromatherapy. In it, water is infused with essential and carrier oils that give off a pleasant and soothing aroma. A combination of lemon and rosemary gives the mind a boost, while lavender and chamomile help prep the user for bedtime.

Bathing isn't just about getting rid of dirt from the body; it's also a great way to take care of oneself, overall. But, whatever method you decide to go with, safety should always be a priority. Be sure that your bathroom has safety features, like the one in that Pat Boone walk-in tub commercial.