7 Reasons Why You Should Use Feather Flags

Feather flags are among the best advertising materials for promoting your business. Learn about the reasons why by reading this article.

Out of home advertising, or simply OOH, is a form of marketing that's set up in public places like highways, parks, and commercial areas. These are the bus and billboard signs you see while driving or the banners that hang in front of retail stores. While there are different types of OOH, their goal is the same: grab people's attention and spread information.

One example of this form of advertising is feather flags (FFs) - vertical banners that look like, well, feathers. Their height ranges from around 8 to 20 feet tall and they come in different shapes, including teardrops and rectangles. Though they might lack the flashiness of more technologically advanced LED boards, they're still one of the most effective forms of advertising today. Here are 7 reasons why.


In addition to choosing from different shapes and sizes, you can also print any design you want on a feather flag. Showcase intricate layouts with detailed information about your product or service or opt for a simple banner that just announces "sale" or "we're open." 


If you want banners that stick out, then you can't go wrong with FFs. They're simple, yet noticeable; their shape and height are an eye-magnet for people. In fact, these flags are one of the most effective ways to catch passive attention, which means whether someone looks at the banner on purpose or simply passes by it, they will get the printed message.


FFs don't require any electricity or wiring; all that's needed is somewhere to stick them to. You can set them up on the ground, attach them on your walls, or even hang them around stalls. Whichever display style you choose, these banners will grab people's attention.


The vertical shape of FFs allows them to spread their message without taking too much space. This makes them the perfect solution if you want to showcase your marketing material while maximizing real estate. Plus, since they're light (around 0.25 lbs), they can be easily placed or re-positioned virtually anywhere.


The standard material for these flags is PVC. This is an extremely resilient polymer that can stand harsh weather like strong winds, sunlight, frequent downpours, and snow. Most FFs can even stay outdoors continuously for 6-12 months with only minimal visible wear and tear.


Their durability also makes them reusable. As long as the marketing material stays relevant, the flag remains outdoors for everyone to see. Also, since FFs are only comprised of two components - the pole and the banner - they can be easily packed away and set up when you need them again. 


When compared to other OOH materials, FFs are way more affordable. They cost around $20.00 each, and unlike billboards, you won't have to pay a monthly fee to have your advertisement on display. If you take into account the other benefits like reusability and effectiveness, then there's no doubt that these flags are great investments.

Feather flags are among the best marketing materials you can use for promoting your business. They're cost-effective, reusable, durable, compact, simple - yet recognizable, and customizable to fit your needs. If you're interested in buying one, head over to your nearest sign maker today.