3 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

An engagement band is one of the most meaningful pieces of jewelry you'll ever give to your significant other. So, you should carefully consider which you should buy. Here are a few tips you can follow when shopping for a ring.

Take Note of Their Style

Since your significant other will wear this piece for as long as they live, you should make sure that it fits their personal style. A ring may be the symbol of your decision to get married, but you don't want to buy them one that they won't like.

So, pay careful attention whenever they talk about jewelry and look at what they usually wear. These details will help determine their preferences. You can also ask their friends if they've dropped any hints about what they'd like. It'd be a good idea to run your choices past these people to get their opinion too.

Set a Budget

Some believe that you have to buy a ring that's worth at least 3 months of your salary. But, you don't actually have to follow any specific formula for your budget. You should just set an amount that you're comfortable with and work with that.

Having a budget helps you narrow down your options. It also prevents you from overspending, considering you also need to put aside funds for things like the wedding itself. You can set an upper and lower limit, and then ask the jewelry store to show you the different ring designs that fall into that range. From there, you can simply choose a piece without fear of purchasing something that's too expensive.

Get the Right Size

This is one of the aspects of ring shopping that you have to be extra careful with. Some designs aren't meant to be resized, such as those with tension settings or jewels on the whole band. So, if what you get doesn't fit your significant other's finger, you may have to purchase a new piece altogether.

Be sure you have the right measurement before you make a purchase. A good way to do this is to look at the rings they already have. You can put one on a piece of paper and trace the inner circle with a pen to get its diameter. The jeweler can use this to choose the correct size for your future spouse.

These are just some tips to follow when choosing an engagement ring. If you've already considered these points, ask your family and friends, “Which jewelry store near me in Atlanta has the best collection?” to start your search for the perfect piece.