Why You Should Throw a Bowling Party for Your Birthday

Do you plan to celebrate your birthday in a unique way? Invite your friends to a bowling party! Here's why doing so will be fun for you and your guests:

Fun for Kids and Kids-at-Heart

Bowling is a great way for kids and adults to have fun. Everyone, no matter their age, will surely be thrilled when releasing the ball, not knowing whether they'll hit a strike or end up in the gutter.

You can reserve a special lane for all the children. Some facilities offer bowling alley party packages for kids where they cover the gutters with bumpers. This way, the player is sure to topple several pins each time they take their turn.

Also, this game is an interactive sport, in which all participants are encouraged to speak with each other. This is highly beneficial if you have guests from your different social circles. They'll have a chance to get to know each other while making small talk and formulating strategies to win.

No Worries About the Weather

Bowling parties are held indoors, which means that your celebration won't be affected even if the rain pours or the sun shines on your birthday. It's a good thing that the temperature inside the facility can be regulated based on your preferences. If it's very cold outside, you can turn on the heater to keep you and your friends warm. Otherwise, you can power up the air conditioning system.

Hassle-Free Preparation

As opposed to holding a party at your home, celebrating at a bowling facility is much less of a hassle. You don't have to clean your house thoroughly for your coming guests. Also, you don't have to cook the food you'll serve to your friends.

Preparing for a bowling party is simple. You can follow this step-by-step guide:

Start With a Guest List

Keep your guest list short if you want to play multiple bowling rounds. But, it's also okay to invite about 25 to 40 individuals since many facilities can accommodate this number of people.

Reserve the Venue

Book the venue at least 3 weeks before the event. Speak with a staff member and provide them with details about the party, including the exact date and expected number of guests. This gives the management ample time to prepare the alleys that you'll be using.

Pre-Order Your Food

Ready-to-eat food items are the best ones to serve for this kind of celebration. A cake, chips, and a large pizza, for example, should be enough for your guests to enjoy. Don't forget to prepare drinks, too.

Try to Get a Discount for the Venue

Some facilities offer special promos and discounts year-round, especially if it's for certain occasions and celebrations. You can ask the manager if you can browse through their bowling alley birthday party packages in Smyrna TN, and choose one that fits your budget.