3 Useful Maintenance Tips for Your CO2 Laser Cutter

Keeping your CO2 laser cutter in good condition is a crucial step in avoiding downtime and sustaining your shop's profitability. With proper maintenance, you don't have to worry about common system issues, such as slow speed and poor cut quality.


Ensuring your cutting machine is running at peak performance involves cleaning its parts and cooling it with a CO2 laser chiller. For further information, continue reading the following tips.

Perform Weekly Cleaning and Maintenance

This is the most straightforward step yet most often overlooked by many operators. Start by checking the slag bins and getting rid of the drops, parts, and other materials left from earlier cuts. Failing to do this may cause the machine to jam when the drawer becomes overloaded. Be sure to do this every week.


Next, clean the slats. It'll allow the material to be cut to stay in its place and not slide around, which will affect your accuracy.


Weekly maintenance should also involve laser beam alignment inspection to avoid major issues, such as reduced power and overheating lens. First, center the beam that comes out of the source to the first delivery mirror. Place a burn fixture at the location of the first mirror. Start up the machine, let it warm up, and take your first shot.


If the beam isn't centered, adjust the laser head to the first mirror. You may have to move them until they're lined up with each other. Carefully make small adjustments. Then, take shots after each tweak until the burn is centered.

Check the Gas Delivery System for Leaks

Cutting gasses, such as acetylene and gasoline, supports the laser beam as it vaporizes and removes material from the cut zone. They use a delivery system that requires periodic maintenance and inspection to ensure optimum results.


Inspect the valves and connections on gas bottles and tanks whenever a swap out is performed. You can do this by rubbing a rag soaked in  soapy water around the line connections. If there are leaks, bubbles will form around the area.

Keep It Cool

Laser cutting is essentially a thermal process since it vaporizes materials using heat. Because extremely high temperature is generated, the machine to be adequately cooled, especially after long periods of operation.


Use CO2 laser chillers to keep your cutting machine cool. As for the equipment itself, they must be checked, cleaned, and maintained periodically.