Robert Keith

5 Awesome Ways To Highlight Unique Features Of Your Home

A well designed home is a great place to live. Homes with unique features such as build-in storage, multiple terraces, great lighting, updated kitchens, fabulous bathrooms and thoughtful outdoor spaces make live easier and more comfortable. They also make any home a place of beauty where people can show off their personality and sense of style. Many homeowners have features in their home they would like to show off. There are lots of awesome ways to highlight all those fabulous features in your home. 

Effective Lighting 

Lighting is one area that requires a lot of attention but can really pay off. Use lighting to draw attention to the things you cherish. For example, efficientt LED downlights serve many important purposes in any home. These lights are energy efficient and can be used to draw attention to your kitchen's lovely counter tops and colorful back splash. Other forms of lighting are equally useful when it comes to making your home shine. Place recessed lighting in areas that get little light that you love such as the walls next to a window seat. This will add a soft glow to the space. Other forms of lighting can also add character. Track lighting can be placed on the ceiling to bring attention to your favorite artwork. 

Keeping it Clean 

Keeping every single thing in your home completely clean is another way to show off the many unique features of your home. It's a good idea to develop a systematic approach to cleaning all areas of your home from the attic to the basement. Basic cleaning supplies like vinegar are eco friendly and easy to use on a weekly basis. They're also inexpensive and work on a wide variety of surfaces Keep them on hand in order to deal with sudden spills. If you're pressed for time, a cleaning service can help. They'll come to your home and help out. Certain items like painting may require special attention. You can help by making sure it's in the right frame. They can be set in a room in your home devoted to art. Removing dirt and dust also has other benefits. It helps reduce the chance of an asthma attack and keep occupants healthy. 

Use Color Well 

Color is another way to show off the features of your home. A carefully thought out color scheme should be an integral part of your overall design plan. White is an ideal shade to use a backdrop color. White works well all year long and serves as a neutral in every room. White will draw attention to the room's beautiful hardwood flooring or tile designs. It also brings in another layer of sunshine and more light. Colors are also quite useful. A sunny shade of yellow can serve as the backdrop for built-in bookshelves and a collection of books on dozens of subjects. Soft shades of pastels like sky blue and lavender can help call attention to the room's soaring ceilings. If you have a beautiful fireplace surrounded in grey brick, use colors like orange from the other side of the color wheel add detail and make it look even better. Consider accent colors in tertiary shades to make the entire spaces part of a well thought out plan that makes the home's best features stand out even more from every angle. 

Focal Points in Each Room 

A focal point is one way to make every single room a place with specific interest. Focal points are the place where the eyes go when you enter the room. Ideally each room should have a means of showing off the room's focal point well. For example, a room may have a focal point in that it has a skylight or a stunning view of the regional mountains. Focal points should the basis of the design for each room. Showing them off is easy with several design principles. Minimalist ideas in which the room's focus is largely on a few well chosen objects is one way to showcase such objects in great detail. The size of the room should also be kept in mind. Think about how people get in and out of the space. Surround the focal point with objects of nearly equal interest. For example, a modernist couch in an arresting shape can be paired with tables of equal beauty. The rest of the room may work better when they are only a few other items in the room along with the basic items. 

Well Placed Greenery 

Greenery is a wonderful thing to bring into the indoors as well as keep outdoors. Green plants help bring in oxygen and make any room feel like part of a lovely garden. Green plants can be used outdoors with ease. Place a series of plants in large pots outdoors leading to the home's entrance. Warm up the deck with a series of well chosen plantings in boxes on the sides. An herb garden is the ideal way to show off the deck's features and make it easy to cook great meals. Indoors, greenery can be used with equally elegant effect. Many green plants do very well indoors. Look for varied types of interesting pots in different colors and patterns. Pots with lots of local flowers can show off a wonderful view of the region's beautiful coastal area. Changing out the plants on a seasonal basis is an easy way to redecorate quickly. 

Whether you're getting your home ready to sell or you just want a reminder how much you like it the second you walk inside, there are lots of ways to create a home that makes you feel proud to live there. Little details can really make the difference when it comes to the feel you're after. Using great lighting illuminates everything inside. Keep the home clean along with the use of a color story, thoughtful focal points and well placed greenery will make every corner of your home come alive.