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7 Significant Pieces Of Information To Collect When Filing A Personal Injury Claim

There are seven things you need to do when collecting evidence from your personal injury case. When you have hired a firm like Foyle Legal Perth, they can help you with the investigation. However, there is a lot of information that you need to provide because you were there when the accident happened. Read through this list to see what you can do to ensure that you have all the proper information before filing your claim. You cannot be compensated if you cannot prove that you were hurt by someone else’s negligence.

Times And Dates

You need to know the date of the injury and the time that it happened. You must create a timeline of the day so that you can show how you got to the point where you were hurt. If you cannot create a timeline for the day, it is hard to prove that the accident truly happened. The times and dates are the beginning of your claim, and you must ensure that you can build that timeline with your lawyer.

Clothes And Shoes

You must have the clothes and shoes that you were injured in because those clothes tend to have evidence on them. Ask your lawyer how they would collect evidence from these clothes, and you need to make sure that you can show all this to your lawyer. If you have lost those articles of clothing or do not remember what you are wearing, it is very hard for you to piece together the timeline from that day. Plus, it can be hard for you to make a claim that you were even there on the day of the accident.

Work Records

You need to keep work records so that you can prove that you were at work and doing what you were supposed to do when you were hurt. Someone who does not have any work records that relate to a work injury will have a hard time proving that they should have been at work or performing the task that got them hurt.


You need to find witnesses who will help you corroborate the account that you have told your lawyer. When you have witnesses, you can let your lawyer know about them so that they can be interviewed. It is very easy for you to get the accounts from witnesses and include them in your claim. You should ask them if they would be willing to testify in court, and you might let your lawyer interview everyone so that they can learn what really happened on the day of your accident.

Lost Wages Or Work

If you have been losing money because of your injury or missing out on work, you should request that compensation as part of your suit. You need to ask your lawyer to calculate how much work you have lost or how much money you lost because you lost your job. You may also sue for emotional distress because you can no longer pay your bills. This is big part of the process because the court wants to know what you want to get from the case.

Medical Records

You need medical records that will show how you have been hurt. You cannot say that you were hurt without any proof. Plus, you may need to get a statement from a doctor because they can show how you were hurt and how that may prevent you from working.

How Much Insurance Paid

The court could ask how much your insurance company has paid in claims so that that money can be deducted from the final judgement. You do not want to be accused of trying to defraud the court by getting compensated for things that your insurance company already paid for.


When you are collecting evidence for your personal injury claim, you must ensure that you have talked to your lawyer about the information they need. Your lawyer will explain how they can help collect information, and you could let all your witnesses talk to your lawyer so that you can use those statements as part of your claim. You can be compensated only when you have all the information that the court requires.