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8 Reasons Why You Need To Consult An Expert Before Changing A Gas Filter

Keeping your water heater maintained is pretty straightforward. Many homeowners already know about the easy tasks such as flushing the tank twice a year and checking the essential components that keep it running. What often gets forgotten about when it comes to a gas water heater is the filter.


At the bottom of your water heater is a black mesh ring with the air filter located inside. The filter helps to keep grime and dust from getting into your heating system. If the filter gets clogged, the airflow to your heating system will be reduced and cause your system to work less efficiently. Even though cleaning your filter is a simple process, you should always consult with a professional plumber on Brisbane Northside for any other maintenance or repairs.


Simple Steps To Change Filter


1. Turn off the gas/pilot light before changing the filter. You do not want any dust or debris blowing up into your heating system while you are cleaning it.


2. Remove the filter at the bottom of your tank by releasing the catch mechanism holding the heater bottom into place.


3. Clean the heater system filter by using compressed air to remove any excess dust or particles away. If you have no compressed air, simply rinse out the filter on the ground until all debris and dust are gone.


4. Dry the filter if you used water to clean it. Make sure it is completely dried before replacing it into the system.


5. Replace the filter at the bottom of the system by stretching it around the base. Once put in place, secure the grasping mechanism. Check around the edges to make sure the filter is in place without any gaps. Leaving gaps can allow dust to enter the system.


Why Hire An Expert Plumber For Water Heater Repairs and Maintenance


For most homes, a water heater is a crucial appliance. When it comes to maintaining it and repairing the system, hiring a professional plumbing company will ensure the job is done correctly. Below are some reasons to consult with an expert.


1. Save Yourself Costly DIY Mistakes


Hiring a professional plumbing company can save you from making dangerous or costly mistakes from trying to fix issues yourself. If you don't know what you are doing, it is best to leave it to the professionals.


2. Applying Heat To Appliance Mistakes


Save yourself the risk of injury by allowing a professional to repair your water heater. Many homeowners make the mistake of applying heat sources to the top of the tank. The delicate plastic components can be damaged by this and you may cause enough damage that replacing the entire system will be necessary.


3. Newest Techniques and Equipment


When you hire an expert, they will always have access to the right equipment for the job at hand. Their skills and experience will make sure even the toughest problems get resolved.


4. Permanent Solutions


Oftentimes, when homeowners try to fix water heater system issues themselves, the work will not be a permanent fix. Professional plumbing services will offer permanent solutions to the problems you have so that you can rest easy knowing your system will be operating the way it should.


5. Multiple Services Offered


Plumbing companies often offer multiple service options for customers to choose from. They can repair water leaks, replace old piping, repair water heater systems and install dishwashers. Creating a professional relationship with a reputable, professional plumbing company can ensure you know who to call when you need it most.


6. Emergencies


Most plumbing companies offer emergency services to their customers. If you have a busted pipe or an overflowing toilet, you want to call a company you can trust and that will come when you need them.


7. Detailed Diagnostics


Another great benefit of hiring an expert is that you will be able to get detailed diagnostic reports for your plumbing problems. Many issues you have are caused by factors that are hidden and hard to find by someone who is not experienced. Professional plumbers can check your entire system to find all underlying problems needing attention.


8. Customer Support


An added advantage of hiring a professional plumbing company is the customer service support that comes with it. You will be given a direct number to call when you have questions or when you need to set up an appointment.