Rock-N-Wall Ensures Everyone’s Safety During Your Event

Rock-N-Wall Ensures Everyone’s Safety During Your Event

Back in the day, when the weather got so hot, kids would run around the loosen water hydrants or even the garden sprinklers for some fun. Luckily, kids nowadays have several options to cool down from the summer heat in Texas. Some of these features include rock climbing walls, dunk tanks, bounce houses, fountains, and many more. However, a favorite among many kids are inflatable water slides in Corpus Christi, These are guaranteed to keep your kids cool and amused all summer long. Plus, it keeps them away from sticking indoors and using their smart phones, playing video games, and watching TV.

When it comes to renting inflatable water slides in Corpus Christi, there are indeed several choices. Normally this depends on the personal preferences of the kids who will play on it and the budget you have. However, there are some models that stand out and that can suit your special occasion or motive of renting the inflatable. With many models available in the market, you can look around and do some research in advance for the perfect one.

At Rock-N-Wall Party Rentals, they offer you some of the best inflatables that are perfect for parties, festivals, fundraisers or special events. Their fun water slides in Corpus Christi all have the same purpose which is to provide the most FUN possible. They are built for you and your family so that you can create some of remarkable memories. You can get in touch with them, and their staff will be more than happy to attend to you. They will provide you with information to review before you decide on the model for your event.

At Rock-N-Wall, they understand that children love inflatables and it can provide them with countless hours of pure entertainment. This is why, as per Texas law, each one of their inflatable units is inspected for safety every year before they are allowed to be offered to their customers. They do not take their inspections lightly because it is a serious business. They will show you proof of a commercial insurance policy with specific limitations.

The operators of these units must be wary since there are some grave fines awaiting for those who fail to meet these safety requirements for the operation of the inflatable play places. Ultimately, it is better to spend time and money for a unit that is safe rather than risking limbs of children who simply want some fun. Rock-N-Wall’s top priority is the safety of their water slides in order to avoid accidents and damages. Their staff will arrive before your event begins to set up and they will remain all throughout in order to imply safety rules and look after the kids.

Aside from inflatables, Rock-N-Wall offers climbing walls that are great for any kind of event. Not only is it fun, but it brings out some friendly competition among everyone. They feature a rock wall that stands at 24ft tall and each wall has four climbing stations. These stations range from easy to more challenging depending on one’s preference and abilities. Their walls employ an auto belay system which allows climbers to climb at their own pace and return safely to the ground by a reliable fall arrest.

They will provide two attendants who will remain at the scene to help climbers stay safe. They will arrive before the event starts to set up and this usually takes around 15 minutes. They simply need a 16’x16’ flat surface that they can drive to. They are fully insured and they maintain their walls in top condition. It is recommended that climbers are at least three years old and above.

Rock-N-Wall’s reputation is mainly dependent on their customers’ satisfaction which is why they make sure to provide only top notch services. They make use of the most efficient ways to serve you starting from the reservation up until the pick-up process. They deliver on time and with a clean and well-maintained unit that you and your kids will love. Their friendly and professional staff looks forward to serving you. From birthdays to fundraisers, their portable rock climbing walls and inflatable water slides in Corpus Christi are guaranteed to bring a ton of excitement to your next party or event! You can call them at 361-446-7012 and 713-410-3251.