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Rocket Industrial To Donate 100,000 Meals with New “Project 100K” Program

Leading retail and industrial packaging supplier, Rocket Industrial, plans to donate 100,000 meals to starving children around the world through its innovative new program, Project 100K, in partnership with Minneapolis-based charity, Feed My Starving Children (FMSC)—ranked in the top 1% of charitable organizations by Charity Navigator.

Project 100K encourages companies to make a difference in the world by changing the way they look at business results.  By participating in Rocket Industrial’s Packaging Health Assessment, opportunities to reduce waste and save costs are identified and an action plan is developed to guarantee results.  A designated portion of the financial savings from Rocket Industrial’s action plan is pledged to Project 100K to save children from starvation and provide hope for their future.

“You have the ability to change the lives of children across the world by going about your daily business,” said Andy Carr, VP of Development and Marketing at FMSC. “In our partnership with Rocket Industrial we’re helping companies achieve value not only with a monetary change, but also a social difference.”

FMSC provides daily meals to malnourished people in over 70 countries through various distribution partnerships. In 2016, 272 million meals were packed by volunteers and shipped around the world. FMSC is 100% donor funded, with over 90% of total donations going directly toward food programs.

“Having gone to Haiti and seen this problem first hand, it’s shocking and sad, but FMSC makes a difference,” said Ryan Gallagher, president of Rocket Industrial.  “Project100K is a win-win-win, it rewards everyone when results are achieved…albeit in much different magnitudes.”

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