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Tulsa, Oklahoma – Do you have a Rolex watch that has seen better days? Or maybe you have an old pocket watch that could use some cleaning? Whatever you have, it is suggested that you are able to get your old watch looking good and working at its best condition again through professional services. There are several benefits of having your watch repaired. Perhaps your watch is never on the right time, so you might want to get it repaired. If your Rolex watch is missing a specific piece, you can always bring it to your nearest Rolex service in Tulsa for repairs or part replacements.

Do not waste another day with a worn-out watch or a good watch that simply needs a brand new battery. If your watch does not fit, you might need a brand new band or if your watch is not looking so good, having it cleaned to make it look brand new can do you wonders. If you think your watch needs repair, do not wait! Bring it to a jewelry expert who can take a look and do the work at an affordable price.

At Abby’s Jewelry Repair, they offer high quality Rolex services and can even fix low quality watches of all kind. In store, they even offer watch battery changes for as low as $10 by making use of the best battery brands around. They even warranty all of their batteries for up to a year for no extra charge. Other watch repair services they have to offer include crystal repair, crown & stem repair, watch band repair, watch overhauls, gasket replacement, cleaning & inspection, and water resistance tests.

Abby’s Jewelry Repair also offers jewelry repair services too because they understand how meaningful your jewelry can be. Whether it is a vintage piece, an heirloom, or something you just got from the store, they are more than willing to get your piece looking as good as new. Some of their jewelry repair service include clasps, chain repair, stone tightening, stone replacement, ring sizing, mounting, and cleaning & polishing. They also have two shops at both Woodland and Promenade and they include free polishing in their services for your pieces too!

With all kinds of accessory trends and jewelry styles that come and go, finding something that can speak of your style can be a challenge. You might be looking for a piece of jewelry that suits your style, but circumstances just doesn’t allow you to find that perfect piece. At Abby’s Jewelry Repair, they give you the opportunity to create customized jewelry in order to come up with the jewelry of your dreams. Whether it is for yourself or for a gift, their team of jewelers can make your dream come true at an unbeatable price.

Their customized jewelry in Tulsa will be designed from scratch with the help of their experienced jeweler and it is a design that is only used once. Customized jewelry is often an option when you cannot find exactly what you want. Many people also customize pieces of jewelry as a gift for someone special because they are given the opportunity to use their creativity and add their own personal touch, making it much more meaningful.

If you wish to complete the gift, Abby’s Jewelry Repair also offers engraving services to make your piece of jewelry or gift much more significant. They offer excellent engraving services whether it is gold, silver, or platinum. These can be done for any type of occasion including anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, graduations, maternity, achievements, retirement, religious, corporate awards, sports awards, and many more.

Their professional team of jewelers have over 25 years of experience in the industry and can assure you nothing but quality services. They are constantly looking for ways to go above and beyond through their services. Since their business has moved to a second location, they offer their customers 50% off to give their customers the best price in town.

So whether you are in need of professional Rolex services, jewelry repair or customized jewelry in Tulsa, then Abby’s Jewelry Repair is your trusted jewelry shop. Their professionals are always on location and will gladly take your order. You can drop by their Promenade location and they can even do on-the-spot repairs. Visit for more details.