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ROTOR Bike Spring 2017 Focus Products

ROTOR Bike is focused on the following products for Spring 2017 media appointments:

The RHawk crank system - Future proof your bike with this modular system. 

- Modularity means updating only the spindle next time standards change. 

- Color pop with coordinated protective crank boots.

- Full CNC designed & manufactured in Spain.

- Extremely lightweight, increased stiffness + priced compared to competitors.

Direct Mount Q Rings - Mountain bikes are rapidly adopting oval chainrings, and we now have direct mount in a variety of crank interfaces. Rotor is a category creator in the oval chainring market and we have a patent on the ability to “clock” the position of the Q ring, so you get the most benefit from each pedal stroke: pedaling efficiency, smoothness & continual patch of contact with the ground.

INpower RexMTB power meter, best in class. Fully enclosed in spindle, so protected from mud, dirt, rain, & whatever else you can throw at it.

- Single sided power meter.

- 4 strain gauges in the spindle.

- Easy AA battery replacement.

Spidering - "All Road" double, 46-30. CNC Machined from a single piece of billet aluminum for stiffness and durability. 

- Run a 30 on a gravel frame where clearance is tighter since there’s no chainring bolts to interfere with frame. 

- Stiffer, lighter, smarter.

2INpower - The Gold standard for dual-sided power.

- NEW smartphone app allows any phone to become the head unit.

- 8 strain gauges: 4 in spindle, 4 in drive side crank. Weight is similar to a standard DA crank.

- 1-1.5% accuracy, so top in class.

- Transmits 200 data points per second, giving a full spin scan.

- Indicates point of maximum power in the pedal stroke, which runs as a diagnostic for positioning the Q-rings, tying back into our patent on the ability to position them.

- Bluetooth & ANT+ compatible (old & new garmin.)

- 10 year, rechargeable Li Battery with magnetic charging port (like your mac.)

- Fully encapsulated, so protected from all the elements.

UNO - Hydraulic group set. Get a first look at this innovative product.

- 317 g lighter than Di2, 50 g lighter than eTap.

- Fully closed system means not subject to contaminants, e.g. dirt, mud, rain. Remains completely free of friction: no stretch or drag from cables.

- Set and forget: no tuning required after initial installation, and annual maintenance.

Press Contact:

Adrian Montgomery

About ROTOR America:

ROTOR Bike Components is a brand built on innovation. From our Q rings to the Gold Award-winning 2INpower, we strive to create advanced cycling products. The launch of the RHAWK mountain bike line marks another benchmark cycling product: a completely modular crank system, liberating riders from the tyranny of constantly changing BB and spindle standards. With headquarters and production in Spain, ROTOR is committed to driving innovation for cyclists worldwide.