7 Popular Types of Rummy Games

Ever since rummy originated, millions of card game lovers have been fascinated by the game. It has always been responsible for developing a great bonding with family and friends, fellow players and sometimes total strangers too!

Over the years, many versions have cropped up each with its own local/ regional touch. Basic rules have been modified and added in order to suit the local needs.

However, few of the rummy types have outgrown immensely in their popularity and their players. Let's get to know some of the types of rummy games played across various geographies.

#1: Traditional Rummy

It is the basic and the original rummy too. Also known as standard rummy, it is played with 52 cards deck. 2 - 6 players can play the game. If there are 2 players, they are dealt with 10 cards at the start. But if there are 3 - 4 players then 7 cards are dealt.

#2: Gin Rummy

Gin rummy is the very popular version rummy. Popular mainly in Europe, it is played with 2 players and dealt with 10 cards. The winning objective of the game is to get rid of cards quickly. It is played with 52 cards deck and is the quicker game of all the versions.

#3: Continental Rummy

Continental rummy can be played by more number of players; in fact, it is best suited for big groups. Starting with 2 up to 12 players can play. The quantity of the decks is based on the number of players divided by 2. E.g.: if there are 5 - 6 players then 3 decks of standard 52 cards deck is used.

#4: Indian Rummy

This is a slight variation of the Traditional rummy. A popular version played during get-togethers. Played between 2 - 6 players, each player is dealt with 13 cards at the start. Hence it is also called as the 13 card rummy. Of late with online rummy, it is even more interesting and fun to play indian rummy.

#5: Kalooki Rummy

Kalooki, or kaluki or kalookie is the popular rummy played in Jamaica. There are 2 versions to Kalooki - 'Super Kalooki' and 'Baby Kalooki’. Normally the game is played between 3- 8 players with 2 or more decks of cards depending on the number of players.

#6: Indian Marriage

Also known as Marriage or Marriage rummy this version is played between 2 - 7 players. It is also called 21 card rummy as each player is dealt with 21 cards initially. Three standard 52 card decks are used for the play and without any jokers. As more people play rummy online it's adding more fun.

#7: 500 Rummy

Also known as Rummy 500, Pinochle rummy and Michigan rummy this version is played with 2 - 8 players. But it is best played with 3 - 5 players. The game begins when each player is dealt with 7 cards and the scoreis based on the value of the sets the player melds. Played with a 52 cards deck, the player who reaches the cumulative score of 500 is the winner.

Play More; Enjoy More

Irrespective of the versions, each type of rummy game shares its own set to game-lovers who enjoy playing it for various reasons like fun, complexity and the challenges.