10 Tech Gadgets That Make Life Easier and Better

A whole set of new devices appear almost every week, which according to the original idea of their creators, should make people’s life a little bit easier and more convenient.

I have taken the liberty to present you ten of the most recently-released tech gadgets that have all been designed with one end in mind; to make your life easier and more comfortable.

1. LightFreq Smart-Light Bulb

This is the world's first smart bulb, the dimensions of which did not go beyond the traditional incandescent bulb. In addition to the LED (17W), there is a speaker with a power of 5 watts inside the smart light bulb.

Users can listen to music through their mobile devices with the help of LightFreq. At the same time, the smart bulb can wink or change colors in the rhythm of the music. The gadget is also unique for its built-in microphone, which makes it possible to use the smart light bulb as a hands-free device.

2. Pavlok Shock-Clock

This is an alarm clock-bracelet which must be worn before going to bed. It will wake you with vibration at the set time.

In this case, you can once cancel the operation (switch it to the snooze regime), and when you do, the clock will no longer vibrate again, but wake the owner with a noticeable (not strong) electric shock. Moreover, the user can make a daily to-do list. You can change your habits with Pavlok!

3. Rinse Kit-Pressurized PortableShower

The portable shower requires no pumping and no batteries for its work. Rinse Kit is self-contained. The only thing is that you need to get water from the tap into the working container using a special adapter that creates pressure build-up.

Rinse Kit has 6 spray options. The product is useful for traveling, when you need water with pressure, for example, to quickly wash the bicycle, wash dishes, paws of your dog, etc.

4. Spend-wallet electronic-device

The Spend-Wallet can include 20 cards (credit, debit, and gift cards). Specially designed magnetic technologies are used to operate the wallet. The user must select the desired card and confirm the payment in order to make a transaction. The device is equipped with an LED display. You need to use a special reader (comes with Spend Wallet set) to add information about the new card to the electronic wallet. The device claims to replace our traditional wallets completely.

It should be connected to a mobile device, and the mobile application will synchronize the card on the phone and in the electronic wallet. If Spend Wallet is lost/stolen, access to it will be blocked and all information will be deleted.

5. HUDWAY-Glass – Head-Up Display

This is an accessory for smartphones at an affordable price, which will be very useful for car enthusiasts.

HUDWAY Glass is a compact holder for a smartphone with an anti-slip coating and a folding glass, which will be projected by a special application on the road.

6. Elicto – Electronic-Spin Mop & Polisher

This is an electronic wireless device, through which you can carry out both washing and polishing the floor. Elicto mop has built-in batteries which allow it to work without interruption for 35 minutes after a 2-hour recharge.

The device is equipped with an ergonomic handle and a special container, where you can pour a cleaning liquid or means for polishing.

7. Yoswit Smart-Control System

YOSWIT system allows you to manage switches in the house from your smartphone. To use this service, it is necessary to replace electrical switches in rooms with YOSWIT and install a special mobile application on a smartphone.

All Yoswit devices are automatically recognized when the application is opened on the mobile device, and then they can be controlled.

8. Elligred – container-of-medicines

The device allows its user not to forget about taking the necessary medicines at the right time. To do this, you need to place the necessary tablets into seven separate compartments of the smart case and set the time at which to take each of them in a special application on a mobile device.

When such time comes up, Elligred will sound a beep, and there will be information on its cover on what pills and how much should be taken at that time.

9. Every Key

This device allows the user to relax and not remember passwords to the computer, mobile devices, as well as for access to various social networks.

The principle is simple: if the device is with you, then all devices will be unlocked, and if you go away for more than 3 meters, then all access will be automatically blocked.

10. Tile Mate – Anything-Finder

If you are worried that you can lose your valuable thing, I highly recommend you to use Tile Mate. This mini Bluetooth tracker can talk with your phone, ring and tell you exactly where you left your particular thing.

It has very useful "Community Find" feature that will help you to locate anything beyond that.


The above-highlighted gadgets are meant to take the cares and worries of our modern fast-paced life from you. Feel free to comment to the post or add to the list. Also find out more tech gadgets reviews here.