San Lorenzo Yacht – Customers First

The company culture of a manufacturer of the SanLorenzo yacht is clearly oriented to the customer. The customer is the most important person all around and that is why we want to integrate our customers into every single step of the yacht manufacturing process. Sanlorenzo offers unprecedented freedom in the personalization of your order. From a number of cabins in your new yacht to the interior design and special materials, our customers have always access to the team working on their ship to discuss these issues. The manufacturing process is the dialogue between our professional team and our customers.

In our quest for the best customer service in the market, we want to provide our clients the best quality and unrivaled level of an individual approach to every order. Our clients are always welcomed in our Italian shipyards to experience the process in first hand. The second highest number of worldwide orders in the segment of motor yachts longer than 24 meters and superyachts is the prove that our strategy is right. Of course, we are very grateful to all of our clients but we also feel the responsibility to give the same level of quality and support also to our future clients or even improve our services. All members of our team are dedicated to achieving this goal.

San Lorenzo Yacht – Tradition and Innovation

The history of the Sanlorenzo shipyard is more than five decades long. It was a long journey from the small motor yacht shipyard in 1958 to one of the major yachts and superyachts manufacturers which is well recognized worldwide and its ships can be met on the seas all around the world. It gave us a lot of experience and also a certainty that success can be achieved only by the hard, honest work and attention for the details. At Sanlorenzo shipyards, there is no room for any compromise in terms of quality and the service to our customers.

In our products, respect to the traditional craftsmanship unites with the cutting edge technologies and innovations. Research and development is an integral part of our business and we are ready to implement its results into our ships when the right time comes. Workers at each of our three sites are skillful, dedicated and passionate professionals in their fields. From engineers to designers, from technicians to artisans, they all share the same goal and their goal will always be the same – to build yachts which will reflect the personality and exceptionality of each customer. Our yachts are being built to tell the stories, your stories.

Sanlorenzo Shipyard – An Uncompromising Quality

Sanlorenzo is a boutique shipyard which produces only a limited number of units. No more than 30 motor yachts is built in one year. This is because each of our ships is unique and easily distinguishable from all others. Each ship is built for particular customers and reflects their personalities and exclusivity. Our customers also cooperate with us on each step of the process, therefore they are commonly encouraged to visit us and they are sure that their new ship is being built with the great care for the detail and that the quality is always in the first place. From the hull and engine to the furniture and decorations in interiors, it is our passion to be perfect in every detail.

If you are as passionate as we are and you are used to expecting nothing less than perfection, Sanlorenzo shipyard is the right choice to build you the yacht which will clearly express your personality and your story. We will be delighted if you will contact any of our representatives who are available all around the world.