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Quality Medication and Health Care at SBH Medical

Quality Medication and Health Care at SBH Medical

Columbus, Ohio – Just like everything else in this world, human beings are also bound to suffer from the stress of everyday living. It may be because daily activities, job-related tasks, financial problems, relationships, personal issues, and others that cause the body to break down and fall ill. Some people handle it better than others, while some succumb to that overwhelming feeling. In this kind of situation, it is best to go straight to the doctor immediately to ask for medical assistance. He or she will give you the medications that you need to make you feel better. You have to remember that the longer you wait, the more things you get to miss. You will have to work harder to catch up on those things that you have left behind during your sick days. Thus, ask for assistance right away and help yourself to get going as quickly as possible. But to make everything worse, your doctor’s prescriptions seem to be nonexistent in every drug store that you have visited. Wherever you look for, that specific drug that can make you feel better is unavailable! You cannot find that medicine you need in an exact dosage or form, and without a specific ingredient that you are allergic to. In instances like this, it is most probably best to head to a trusted compounding pharmacy for your medical supply in Columbus, Ohio.

For high quality medical supply in Columbus, Ohio, your one-call pharmacy and nursing related services provider should be no other than SBH Medical. This company is committed to delivering nothing but the highest quality products, maintaining clinical excellence, and providing premier customer service. Having a Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) accreditation or certification, the highest accreditation there is for compounding pharmacies, means that SBH Medical has gone an extra mile in meeting the nationally accepted standards when it comes to preparing and distributing compounded medications.

When it comes to their processes and services, you are absolutely guaranteed that your medications have passed stringent quality control standards. Purity, potency, and quality define SBH Medical’s preparations. Their quality assurance and control criteria ensure the highest standards for their clients. Moreover, they also test their own processes through an independent laboratory that checks their testing procedures and quality of products. Coupled with quality control unlike any other, this center also houses professional and highly experienced staff members. This is to give you peace of mind that your medications are prepared only by those most qualified – mixed, measured, and handled with the utmost care possible. SBH Medical can provide you commonly prescribed medications and for a special case like yours, they can also do custom compounding to ensure that you will receive the personal care and attention you absolutely deserve.

SBH Medical can create special compounded medications that perfectly suit your needs. All you have to do is to call them and wait briefly for your medications to be prepared for pick-up at their office or delivered right at your doorstep. Aside from quality medications, SBH Medical also strives to provide their consumers excellent customer service in the most convenient way possible. Their pharmacists and customer service personnel are always available to assist you with any question about their preparations as well as their ordering and delivery processes. More than just specialty compounding, SBH Medical also offers additional services such as home infusion and other medical supplies.

When it comes to your personal care and medical supplies in Columbus, Ohio, you can absolutely rely on the high quality services of SBH Medical! For orders and other inquiries, you can reach them at local (614) 847-6007 and (866) 724-6333, or visit their office located at 655 Dearborn Park Lane, Worthington, Ohio. You can also leave a message through their website’s contact page or order online via their refill prescriptions page found at For your convenience, you can also download the iRefill app on iTunes or Google Play. In this app, you can place your orders as well and view real-time response from SBH Medical regarding the status of your orders. SBH Medical is dedicated to deliver nothing but exceptional health care services while making sure that each transaction will be smooth and hassle-free for its consumers. For the best care, medical supplies and compounded medications, you can always rely on SMH Medical.