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Magnolija Beograd Kindergarten Is a Unique and Advance School

One of the more unique programs for daycare and kindergarten is the school in Belgrade. Magnolija Beograd kindergarten has goals for even the youngest of children. Also in some areas this school has goals that go far beyond what there is in other countries and is geared to the parents as much as the children.

Overall program

First let’s discuss Magnolija Beograd kindergarten and its overall program for all children going to this school – all ages. The goal of the entire program is to provide the prospect for preschool children to be in an environment that is stimulating and that provides an assortment of activities. This is so every child regardless of age can begin to learn about expressing themselves in creative ways and in various situations.

This helps young children know how to become active in their development and each individual child is able to discover his individual abilities and talent. This means that the interest a child has in a certain direction is discovered and is given the place where this interest in each child can flourish and grow. This is a major stepping stone to a career in life doing what they love instead of just working at a job to put food on the family’s table.

Important focus

This is a day-care and pre-school organization that believes with every child no matter the age, the most important focus is to develop each child with the ability to:

• Express themselves well

• Discover their abilities

• Give that interest a place to grow

Foundation for life

When children learn this, it becomes the major foundation to the child becoming self-confident. All studies show that ‘self-confidence’ is important in children becoming happy and productive adults. This entire program is an encouragement for children to:

• Develop a love of learning

• Learning about areas that are completely new

• Have channels so a child’s natural curiosity grows

• Improve communication skills with peers and adults

• Develop good problem solving skills

• Foster a love of books, reading, and writing

When a child is given this pathway to education early in life, they will become adults with self-esteem and confidence and these are the adults who contribute to society, and family in ways that are productive and positive.

There are also some skills that a child will need to learn before starting kindergarten. These include:

• Ability to identify letters of the alphabet

• Correct use of pencil, crayon or marker

• Count to 10

• Bounce a ball

• Speak in complete sentences

• Recognize some very common sight words – like ‘stop’

• Know his full name, address, phone number, as well as birthday

• Manage bathroom needs

• Dress self

• Clean up after work is done

• Patience – listen to a story without interrupting

• Easily separate from parents

One-on-One time

These children also get a lot of time one-on-one with their teachers as well as other children and this fosters the ability and skills needed to develop relationships. Group activities are also used where they can learn patience and other good skills for communication such as:

• Taking turns

• Patience

• Sharing with other

• Listening to others

Many of these programs begin slowly in order to help children with separation from their families at the beginning at the school year and also to feel confident in school before adding some other learning demands.


With the recent history of war and other problems in this country and surrounding it; parents fear for their children. Parents want to have their children in a place that has a lot of safety measures. Most of these parents have to work and this place will take the matter of safety one that these parents do not have to worry about.

Safety measures

Here are some of the safety devices that Magnolija Beograd kindergarten have a great many areas where they thrive to manage a safe environment. To have a truly safe environment, includes:

• Strict rules on adults coming and going

• Outside monitoring devices

• Accidents

Multiple security systems

Magnolija Beograd kindergarten is quite strict with the management of who is coming and going on school property. They have a facility with multiple security systems such as guards in the area, reviewing identification of any visitors and there are controls that are strict and in place on who can pick up any child during the school day.


Inside the facility most of the equipment and furniture are all handmade from materials that are recycled with edges that are rounded. This stops a lot of injuries to children. Their floors consist of material which will lessen the impact in any fall or crash.


Magnolija Beograd kindergarten also wants to ensure safety as much as possible and have invested in a system of cameras inside and outside the building – connected to every room as well as several outside. The schools property is completely surrounded with a fence having an entrance/exit that is locked to take care of security and privacy – no one can just quickly go on the playing area, grab a child and run. There is a total commitment to the safety of all the children.

School trips

There are during the year a number of field trips to cultural institutions taken as part of the program development of creativity. These include visits to:

• Theatres

• Museums

• Sports center

• Other activities

These field trips have a number of safety devices for protection. The groups are kept small so that teachers are able to maintain control of the group. A guard from the school also goes on these trips and the schedules of field trips during the year are not announced until several days before each trip. These trips are also mostly for older children who have had more years of learning how to behave in groups.

Touring school

If there is anything that you are concerned about when leaving your child at Magnolija Beograd kindergarten, you are able to request a tour of the facility. Just call or fill out a request form – they will be more than happy to have you tour.