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Dynamic Young Actor Uses Talents On Theater Stage To Advocate For Peace And Kinship

In His Upcoming Performance, Robert D. Jackson Seeks To Reach Communities Under-Represented In Fine Arts And Overly Impacted By Violence. His Focus On Authenticity Will Foster Innovative Connections.

Houston, October 7, 2019 - Houston’s vibrant arts culture is reflective of growth trends in the region. Reports show revenue from Texas’s arts-and-culture industry has increased by more than 15% over the past decade. A bright young artist is using his impressive skill and personal ties to the community to reach those not often privileged enough to grace theater foyers.

Robert D. Jackson, also known as BABA RUEROB, is using his one man show to speak up against gun violence and to offer an opportunity for under-served communities to see themselves on stage. BABA & ME: A Young Man in Search of His Father will run November 14th - November 16th, 2019 at Midtown Arts and Theater Center Houston (MATCH). Jackson has Houston-style expression in his veins. After graduating with two degrees from NYU, the artist and scholar has performed on stages from Cape Town to Florence. His artistic origins, however, are closer to home. Jackson’s father was Big Rue, a member of the notable rap group - DJ Screw Collective: Screwed Up Click. Jackson lost his father to gun violence at a very young age. Now his art, advocacy & activism all come together in hopes of sparking a positive new movement that spans from street level to mezzanine . . . and beyond. BABA & ME is an original production combining the chopped and screwed music style that the Screwed Up Click made famous, live musicians, and acting. And Jackson is no novice. After completing his schooling in New York, Robert was offered the chance to join one of the hottest tickets in the city. He turned it down. It wasn’t pride or humility. It wasn’t fear. It was calling. 

 “Something higher was calling me home,” Jackson explains. While he does have ambitions for grand and distant stages, impacting his community is where he decided to focus his talents for now. The goal is for people like his father, who may not have ever set foot into a theater, to feel invited & engaged with. The platform also gives voice to Jackson’s desire to see gun violence in minority neighborhoods decreased. With that in the forefront, Jackson will include special opportunities for under-resourced community members and youth to attend his performances. Leading up to the show, Robert will also host a community forum addressing gun violence on November 9th from 12:00 - 4:00 pm at the Robinson-Westchase location of the Houston Public Library with local leaders and influencers.

Jackson and his team hope to bring people together, across socio-economic boundaries through the power of art and communication. Ideally, this approach will serve as a possible example for others to move past dialogue and into relationship building via bonding over shared experiences. The entire Houston area community is invited to attend BABA & ME: A Young Man in Search of His Father from November 14th - November 16th, 2019. Robert points out, “Someone from my neighborhood may have nothing in common with the long-time art supporter across the aisle - but they can both enjoy this show. That’s a big step toward community”.

This project is funded in part by the Houston Arts Alliance and the City of Houston.

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About Robert D. Jackson:

Robert D. Jackson is an actor, public speaker, educational strategist, and producer who utilizes live media experiences to push the boundaries of storytelling. Through theater, film, television and other mediums, Robert’s work unlocks how the power of communication can bring different communities together. Robert received his BFA in Drama from the NYU Tisch School of the Arts and a Master’s in Educational Leadership, Politics, Advocacy from NYU as well. His passion for activism lead him to found and head several organizations that aim to empower low-income and marginalized populations. More information available at

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