Today, the vast majority of SENIORS are taking to online dating. The reason may not be far from the fact that it seem a lot easier for over 50 to find a date online than offline. It’s far past the days online dating was seen as a negative approach or attitude towards searching for a partner. These 5 tips guarantee your success and safety with online dating.

senior dating

1.Finding A Date Online Is Easier

Of course, who wouldn’t want to take the easier route and save a lot of stress looking for the real or ideal partner offline? Well, saying it’s easier dating or finding a date online doesn’t mean anyone can get online and just catch someone up and start a date. Far from that! See, you don’t go partying just to find that special someone who will walk up to you and say hi, you don’t go to coffee shops, you don’t put on your best clothes just to look appealing to someone and expect them to say hello or expect friends and families to recommend someone to you because he is a good guy or lady. All these and a host of others are the stress attached to finding a date offline. In fact, you’re far past this age.

But as with online dating, it’s as simple as… searching for reputable senior dating sites, making your registration, putting up a good profile with an appealing profile picture and wait for interested or potential partners to roll in or you can simply search add people you’re interested in, start conversations, fish out the one you call an ideal match and you’re good to go. Isn’t that easy? Of course!

2.The Process Is Different From Offline Dating

Online dating process works entirely different from offline dating. The fact that majority of seniors are divorced, widowed or in broken relationships makes online dating somehow difficult for many. While some succeed, others simply have different stories to tell. Some have concluded it won’t just work for them because they’ve tried and failed. Some simply believe if offline dating doesn’t work, what magic would make online work? Everyone (senior) online may have had unpleasant dating experience(s) in the past and still harbors fear of failure or lack self-confidence. If two people who claim to be interested in each other meets and still harbors these in mind, what would you expect? Failure I guess! If you must have a wonderful dating adventure online, you must believe it’ll work for you even though it work for no one else and be prepared to go for an adventure.

3.The Magic Starts From Building Your Profile

A careful study reveals that while dating online, your profile can either attract the right or wrong attention and your online dating success lies in the kind of attention you attract.

  • Your user name should or must be different from your real name to avoid people from knowing who you are. Only disclose your real name to people you’ve known well enough and feel comfortable with
  • Use a suitable picture on your profile. Not overtly controversial, sexual or provocative.
  • Avoid using your identifying information like surname or place of work on your profile.
  • Keep your self-description simple and short and it should contain a list of your hobbies and dating goals. This helps you stay focused and recognize people you shouldn’t waste your time with.
  • Do not add contact details like home address, phone number, emails in your profile. Once this sensitive information is given, you can’t get them back.

4.Be Active

Understand that you’re in for business and a very serious one. Finding a suitable date online doesn’t happen by chance but comes from your readiness to take a short or long adventure as the case may be. If you’re lucky, you may get your desire early enough but if you’re delayed, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible but you simply have to put in more effort and believe there’s just someone out there for you but haven’t met him or her yet. Who knows when you’ll receive a message from that special one and if you aren’t online or active for a long time, 2 seconds are enough to be late. You may not be online 24 hours but make effort to go online and check your inbox at least ones a day. Stay active!

5.Stay Safe

Scammers are everywhere especially on online dating platforms and they mostly target seniors because they’re vulnerable and offer the best opportunity for their intended purposes. A lot of seniors have been defrauded and many are still falling victims. Even though the dating app or site promises 100% security, you’ll be doing yourself better if you have your 101% personal security. Be careful of people who sound so romantic, desiring to see you very soon not caring about knowing you better online first, asking you for financial assistance or offering assistance and asking you to send your bank details and emails, asking you to do funny stuffs in front of you webcam, displaying contact information as emails, job titles, positions and emails on their profile and using teenagers images as their profile pictures claiming it’s their child etc. In fact, if you must make membership payments on any dating site, endeavor to use secured links and if possible use a separate card for your online membership payments.

Now, you can go for your adventure and have plenty of fun.