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How to Make a Word Press Website SEO Optimized with Free Plugins

To develop and design a website on Word Press is so simple and make it ready for SEO optimization is also a very simple work to do. In Word Press plugins plays are used to building the body of each web page with the custom content and design. In the same manner you can use SEO plugins to install the Google webmaster and analytics code and also you can make custom changes with the page meta title, description and keywords as this plugin can be used to install webmaster by pasting the code as mentioned, when you add your website to webmaster. You just simply have to copy the code and paste it to its search option.

These days the majority of people are using Word Press website as they are secure, easy to access and has very simple navigation system to customize each page of the website. I am going to share about the tools that are being used to make a Word Press website SEO optimized.

SEO Yoast is the best option:

When you search for the SEO plugin in Word Press search console, you can see the number of list of relevant searches. The best tool among them is SEO yoast as it has many features that make the different from other tools. You can optimize your web pages metas easily as it is a common feature among all the plugins but it is a question that what makes it different from other plugins. The answer is so simple this plugin has bread crumbs features. When you search for specific keyword for your website and you find the number of pages visible just below to your website in search engine, it can be done with bread crumbs. I provide SEO services and I use the same plugin for my client sites to increase their search visibility and I found this plugin as best option among the other plugins. The SEO Yoast has some premium plugins that covers your video, local and news search engine optimization. Otherwise is a free from any charges and the majority of the website owners are using it.