SEO Travis

5 Steps To Start Ranking Local

Local SEO (or Local Seattle Search Engine Optimization) is where the money is at in the 21st century. I am not kidding. Many local search phrases for Seattle, WA have doubled. For example "Seattle restaurants" went from 10,000 searches per month an an average of 30,000 searches per month from 2013 to 2017.

It's going to increase every year. SEO is the go-to source for most peoples problems. They don't call some number they have in their phone to find what they need. They Google search it.

Lets dive in to the 5 steps to start ranking in local SEO.

1. Ensure NAP consistency across all platforms.

NAP = Name, Address, Phone number

This is crucial for search engines to verify where you are located it. Always ensure all info is the exact same. If you make modifications here and there on different platforms you are doing yourself a disservice.

2. Register on Google My Business

This is crucial if you want to appear for local results. Especially for the Google snack pack. This would actually be required. When you search for "Pizza places near me" you see a list of businesses provided by Google. That is the snack pack. So if you aren't ranking quick enough, you can always appear in the snack results.

3. Optimize on-page content

One of the largest problems most webmasters incur is not having clear content. If your content is not clear and concise that a human can understand it, how can you expect Google to understand it?

You can start by including the keywords you want to rank for in different variations on your webpage.

You will want to install schema markup on your webpages that contain your NAP as well.

4. Build Local Citations

These may also be known as "directory" submissions. I do not recommend trying to register on every single directory you can find. You should find directory sites that either are relevant to your niche and are local. Those will offer the best results. Do NOT rely on this as your main source of linking. It appears like spam and low quality.

5. Build local reviews

Local reviews are huge. Especially with Google My Business. Google wants to display businesses that are the most relevant and helpful to its searchers. So if you provide great service, ask your customers to leave a five star review on Google!

6. Build high quality links.

You are the average of your 5 closest friends should sum it up. You want backlinks of authority and quality. Not quantity. You can have 10 high quality links pointing to your site. Or you can have 1,000 low quality sites. Usually higher quality links yield better and longer lasting results.