Tips To Transform You into a Different Person

If you think there is a magic that will magically transform you into someone you are not. Think again. There is none! In order to transform oneself for good, it takes lots of efforts and patience too. So what might be those tips? You ask, well, I bring you books to read that will help you achieve that.

Books can give you a different perspective to view the word. Through your typical lens, the world becomes a boring and you start to feel like a piece of missing puzzle not knowing not why you are here on this planet. Read on to discover these top books and become a man with the mission.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

My personal favorite and of millions like me. It narrates a story of a Shepard boy, Santiago, who dreams about a treasure. During the course of his journey, Santiago comes across different strangers who teaches them about this so-called treasure he dreams of. A book for anyone who is looking for a purpose in life and wants to know his destiny.

The Little Prince by Antonie de Saint-Exupery

The story deals in the pilot whose plane has crashed in the Sahara desert where he meets a young Prince. The Prince shares a story with the pilot, an adventure he once undertook. He states that he traveled to six different planets and therein encountering a certain character that would leave imprints which shaped his personality. A children’s book but abook about youth and self-belief.

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Also adapted into a motion picture by Hollywood Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner is another of my favorites. The story is originated in Afghanistan where a young boy Amir is born and bred. It is a story from adolescent years to becoming an adult.

A heartfelt story bound to make you cry so keep tissues beside you. Buy Assignment At can be browsed online. A complete emotional roller coaster of a ride wherein you will experience first love, some family secrets and the meaning of friendship.

I am Malala by MalalaYousafzai

The story MalalaYousafzai has inspired countless young girls to continue the pursuit of education in the face of all odds. At just eighteen years of age, she wrote a book, initiated a fundraiser and won Nobel peace prize. By reading her book you will realize how we take things for granted in life and saying gratitude for those things goes a long way in life.

I know I tricked you into reading but now that you’ve read the piece, will you not give the books above a shot?