How Cannabis is Improving Technology

Whilst it might seem funny to think that people working in the cannabis industry could be straight-headed long enough to make major breakthroughs, the last decade has shown us that some stereotypes are best left in the past. The idea of the dumb stoner who failed college and plays Pac-Man all day can (finally!) be put to rest.

Instead, what’s replacing this sad caricature is a lab manager with a degree helping to grow cannabis in ways that we have never done before.

As the world wakes up to the idea that a plant that was here before us has great health benefits, so does science and technology. Now, smart marketers are beginning to really push creativity to make some rather outstanding new adjustments in the tech industry.

From LED lights for reduced power consumption when growing marijuana to new 3D printed bongs, we seem to be seeing a revolution. People are finding new ways to consume, new ways to grow and new ways to sell the stuff.

The revolution in the cannabis industry is here, and the development of marijuana-related technology could herald the beginning of an exciting new feature for smokers around the world.

So, what are the most recent technological improvements in the weed industry?

● Handheld Vaporizers. Although we’ve had these for several years now, they are really beginning to turn up a treat now. Handheld vaporizers are becoming the go-to tool for those leaving behind the world of joints and cigarettes. Instead, now people are enjoying the taste of exceptional marijuana through a much safer (and more potent) tool. People used to have vaporizers as a desktop tool that would be brought out only for occasions. Now? People are walking around with them in their hands.

● Superstrains. Technology is also allowing people to make some pretty banging strains these days, too. Super strains of marijuana are becoming more popular, with the likes of Bruce Banner and Death Star becoming major marijuana strains that are taking the industry by storm in many ways. These new super strains would not be possible without the technological all-in we are seeing from many labs, thanks to increased legalization across various venues.

● Scaling. Scales are now being designed with weighing out marijuana in mind. Hey, we want to know we are getting for money! This has come around thanks to a massive increase in commercial, legal selling of marijuana. Dispensaries need to make sure they aren’t giving the stuff away for free, and accuracy in scales is becoming more prominent than ever before.

● Marketing. Online marketing is beginning to explode. You don’t need to get information and advice from the guy with the leather jacket at the street corner anymore. Instead, you can turn to a directory and get information from employees within the industry. Technology changed how we market businesses, and legalization is helping to change how we market marijuana, too!

These are just tiny samples of an increasingly changing world due to marijuana legalization. And who knows, perhaps it was changed thanks to marijuana consumption, too!