8 Features to Look for In A Storage Unit

Storage units are helpful for storing bulky items, decluttering, moving, downsizing and other things. Anytime you search for storage unit near me, there are some features you should watch out for. These features will guide you in making a good selection. Without further ado, here are eight features to watch out for before selecting a storage unit.

1. Inexpensive Prices:

Pricing is one factor foremost on the list for most people. Examine the payment plans available for the storage unit. Ensure that there are no hidden charges. If you are not comfortable with the price, go to another facility.

2. Size:

Size is another feature to watch out for. Storage units come in various sizes. The size of the storage unit you pick depends on the kind of items you want to store. Take your time, evaluate the various sizes available and pick a size that meets your needs. Remember that you might want to add items in the future, so make allowance for adding items in the future. Get a storage unit that is big enough to contain your items and still have extra space.    

3. Location:

The location of a storage unit is very important. It is good to have a storage unit that is within your proximity. You might need to make several trips to the storage unit to check on your items or add more items to the unit. Having a storage unit that is close to you will make the trips easier and save you a lot of time.

4. Flexibility:

If you are looking towards short-term usage, get a storage unit from a company with flexible plans. There is no point in paying yearly fees for a storage unit that you may not use for more than a few months. Also, you might start up with a small unit and decide to go for a larger unit in future vice-versa. A flexible facility will allow you to change storage units easily.    

5. Security:

Before picking a storage unit near you, ensure that the storage unit is secure. You do not want to have your items stolen, do you? Pick facilities with good security. They should have security guards, security cameras, good lighting, gate with access codes, fenced compound amongst other security features. You can also visit the facility at night to see how well it is lit and how tight their security is.

6. Special needs:

If you are storing some sensitive items that could get damaged easily, it’s good to look for a storage unit with special features. Some storage units come with special heated units and climate-controlled units that can preserve your items better. Artwork, antiques, electronics, furniture and other special items should be stored in a special storage unit.

7. Management:

It is imperative that you get a storage unit with good on-site management. A good facility will have responsive staff on-site that can answer all your questions, listen to your concerns and help you move items if necessary. Good facility managers will also help you select a storage unit with the right size for you and guide you through the whole process.

8. Good maintenance:

A good storage unit must be clean and well maintained. As you enter the facility, take note of what you see. A dirty office, unkempt parking lot and dirty washrooms is a sign of a storage unit that is not well maintained. If they don’t take their time to manage their property, then there is no assurance that your items will be well cared for. You do not want filth or mold on your items. You also do not want your items to be damaged by moisture, insects, rats and other animals.  


Take your time when selecting a storage unit. Look out for the eight features explained above, and you won’t have problems with the storage unit.