K9 Ozzy Assists in Triple Felony Meth Bust

On Tuesday, three out-of-towners were arrested on felony meth charges after a Laramie County Sheriff's Deputy stopped a vehicle for speeding and called for K9 support. Sergeant Lambing was called Tuesday to deploy K9, Ozzy, onto the stopped vehicle where 22.7 grams of meth were discovered, court documents state. Needles were found throughout the car in the front seat, rear seat and floorboard, and a bagged plastic container with meth in the trunk's spare tire. Derek Cady, 20, of Shoshoni, was charged with felony possession of meth, misdemeanor possession of marijuana, driving while under suspension, and speeding. Cady allegedly was driving the vehicle 83 mph in a 65 mph speed zone. Cady also has two prior driving while under suspension convictions. Cady reportedly said at the time of the arrest that he had used meth in the last three days and had been driving the vehicle for at least two weeks, but he said he was unaware of the drugs found in the vehicle. As of Thursday, Cady's bond has been set at $3,000 cash. Dawn Dupape, 45, of Riverton, was charged with felony possession of meth and possession of marijuana. Dupape, who was sitting passenger, gave consent for the sheriff to search the vehicle after being stopped, where the felony amount of meth was found. Joseph Stoner, 45, of Casper, was charged with felony possession of meth. Stoner was in the back seat after being stopped by the sheriff. Stock image h/t: Drew Stephens #shortgo