Decision for Cheyenne: Strong Mayor or City Administrator

Last week, Shortgo sat down with Marguerite Herman, Cheyenne League of Women Voters' member, to get more insight on the actions being taken towards the decision on a new city administrator. The Cheyenne LWV are a nonpartisan member organization who encourage informed participation in the political process by all citizens. They are helping to facilitate more of a public discussion on the issue of the proposed City Administrator. The choice will be held on November 10, to appoint a City Administrator to take over several duties that are currently under the mayor's responsibilities. The change would take effect in 2017, after the current term of Mayor Rick Kaysen. "Cheyenne is the biggest city in Wyoming, at about 60,000 residents, and is the only large municipality with a mayor as chief executive who runs the day-to-day operations of the city," Marguerite Herman said. The decision before Cheyenne voters is to keep the Mayor-City Council form of government, that Cheyenne has kept for 40 years, or to reassign mayoral duties of larger importance to a city administrator, who would be hired by City Council. Some of the shifts in duties to the City Administrator would be: - Personnel: prescribe powers and duties of all employees, appoint and set pay for: City Clerk, City Engineer, City Treasurer, Park and Recreation Director, Planning Services Director, Development Director, Public Works Director, Police Chief and Fire Chief. May hire and fire: subordinates, clerks, assistants, employees and laborers. - Governing Body: Prepare reports as directed, recommend rules and regulations for efficient and economical city government, advise of city's financial condition and future needs, prepare budget annually for Governing Body approval and administer it, be purchasing agent for city, see that laws and ordinances are observed and enforced. The City Council in Sheridan, WY has unanimously passed an ordinance for the appointment of a new City Administrator , but local residents are signing petitions for the proposal to include the voters . Full details on the proposed ordinance can be found here . #shortgo