Nineteenth Street between Warren Ave and Evans Ave has reopened

19th Street between Warren Avenue and Evans Avenue was reopened this Friday afternoon. Since March, 19th Street has been closed as part of the reconstruction phase I that included stormwater work; replacement of sanitary sewer and water lines; replacement of curb, gutter, and sidewalk as needed; new traffic signals at 19th Street and Evans Avenue, and 20th Street and Evans Avenue; and reconstruction of the road and new road surface. Work on Phase I is ahead of its scheduled completed date of: Oct. 30, 2015. Reiman Corp. is the general contractor for Phase I. Cost of Phase I is $3.4 million. This project is funded from the City's Fifth-Penny Sales & Use Tax and funds from the Board of Public Utilities, City of Cheyenne stated. 19th Street Phase II, between Warren Avenue and Crow Creek, is scheduled for 2016. #shortgo