Otto Road Shooting Range gives back in November

(Cheyenne, WY) - Shortgo spoke with one of the managers of Otto Road Shooting Range, Dee VanGoethen, to gain more insight on the events surrounding the major Otto Road grass fire that burned hundreds of acres west of the range a little over a week ago. VanGoethen said she's been dealing with much confusion in the media surrounding the event, falsely stating the grass fire incident had occurred at her range facilities. The unknown shooter who caused the grass fire using explosives as a shooting target, was shooting on public state trust land just west of the members-only shooting range. Wyoming state trust lands are generally open to the public for recreational use. *​​​The grass fire quickly spread, burning just behind Otto Road Shooting Range facilities.* The shooting range, however, has been a part of the Cheyenne community for fourteen years, allowing responsible shooters to have a safe and maintained environment to practice shooting. "We have range officers, a mandatory orientation for all joining members, berms and bays so people are protected, everyone is shooting in a safe direction, and absolutely no explosives are allowed," said VanGoethen. *​​​Hank and Dee VanGoethen have resided across from the range for 32 years. * One of the range members and officers, Glenn Herbst, recently spoke on the abuse the state trust land and surrounding areas have endured since being open to the public, "Trash left behind is an outrageous problem. Utility poles are repeatedly shot and must be replaced as these folks think it is a good idea to hang targets there. Errant rounds land in adjacent yards, through windows and roofs," local news reports state. Many members of the Otto Road Shooting Range would prefer that the state trust land be closed down and simply reopened in a safer area. VanGoethen said that they're dealing with fires annually caused by state trust land shooters abusing the area. A legislative meeting is set to take place sometime this December to discuss the state trust land's recreational use. ​ Otto Road Shooting Range and King Ranch are inviting the community and its members to participate in their upcoming 'A Month of Giving' events throughout November. All proceeds and donations made will go to Needs, Inc. of Cheyenne to support those in need in the Laramie County community. Upcoming events: Nov. 7 - Defensive Pistol Nov. 8 - A Girl and A Gun T-Time Nov. 14 - Bowling Pin Shoot Nov. 14 - High Plains IDPA Nov. 15 - NRA Action Pistol Shoot Nov. 21 - Border Vigilantes Shoot Nov. 22 - The Well Armed Women Nov. 28 - Steel Shoot Nov. 29 - Precision Rifle Full event details can be found here . #shortgo