Today is BUDDY CHECK 22 - Call and Check on a Veteran You Know

Today, October 22, is BUDDY CHECK 22 — a day on which people are asked to call a veteran they know to check in on them. “Let’s remind our vets that we care about them. Everyone needs to know they don’t have to ride alone,” Sheridan County Suicide Prevention says. The number “22” is important — Honor Courage Commitment, Inc . started the #22KILL movement in 2013 after learning the staggering statistic that an average of 22 veterans are killed by suicide every day. #22KILL is a global movement created by veterans with a mission to: - Honor those who serve(d) - Raise awareness to veteran suicide and mental health issues such as PTS and TBI - Educate the public about current veteran-related topics and issues - Recruit Veteran Advocates aka “Battle Buddies” - Empower veterans through programs at Honor Courage Commitment, Inc. – a nonprofit focused on education, mentorship, and community service. The nationwide event page can be found here . American Legion Post 6 is hosting the 'Cheyenne Homeless Veterans Stand Down ' event in today from 9am-1pm. They invite all veterans to visit for lunch, flu shots, haircuts, and more. They'll be able to receive information on services for healthcare, substance abuse treatment, suicide prevention, veteran benefits, housing, employment, and education. ​ h/t: 22KILL Facebook page #shortgo